Day 3: Wearing each others clothes traditional clothing (½)

Since mexico and feli don’t wear the same outfit everyday, and since they’re countries. I decided to take advantage of that fact and make them wear clothing from each others places.

Mexico is dressed up as a charro, (a traditional horseman) wearing a specific variant of the outfit called ‘traje de gala’ and feli is dressed up in folkloric dress from Jalisco :)

Next up, Mexico in clothing from feli’s place! 

APH Mexico, APH Philippines belong to randomsketchez :)

anonymous asked:

Mexphil <3

The ship is my: shipping all forms of it, and no one can stop me.

I consider this ship’s feelings: Mutual | Mixed | Strange | Awkward | Platonic | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other |

I’d consider the relationship: Healthy | Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together |

Children: No | Yes (They’ll populate the worls//bricked) | They’d think about it

General Opinion: This got everything going on, history, culture, personality, etc. It’s a great romantic and platonic ship! Unfortunately, this ship has sunk long ago. TTwTT

Their relationship is still good today, but they’re just not as close as they used to. So at best, their relationship is strictly platonic.

But, they’re still awesome!


The ending broke my heart okay.

This is now a headcanon song of mine for PhilBru or PhilMex okay ;w;


u kno he ded.

Day 5: Doing one/the other’s hair

I like to imagine that they had one of these moments together ^u^

I remember when I was in kindergarten and my mom had to work morning’s so my brother had to do my hair and help me pick my clothes every school day ^^ he didn’t know how to braid or do fancy hair styles, so by the time he was finished, my hair kinda looked like this :’)

APH Philippines, APH Mexico  © randomsketchez

Day 4: Kissing 

This was supposed to be the end to the other prompt of dressing in each others clothing, but I liked it enough for it to be its own separate prompt :) 

and I’m kinda scared that my dumb shippy art will clog up the APH Mexico and Philippines tags so I’ll just tag it from now on as mexphil only ;u; 

robotita98 asked:

Is there a way I can stare at your art forever, because I just love it. Especially the art with aph Mexico and aph Philipines (mexphil!!) and also the art with aph aztec empire (I squealed when I saw that) I love your art so much. (tbh I was so happy when I saw that they were actually drawin aph Mexico)

OMG glkasjdglkjas!!!! This is so nice ;u; thank you!!! ahh I don’t even know how to respond-but this made me really happy! (*´◡`*) 

I’m glad you like my drawings! ^^ I love mexphil and drawing mexico and his mama so you probably will see a lot more of them, god willing

Thank you again for your ask ;u;