TODAY IS THE DAY! Cinco De Mayo is finally here and we’re ready to hit up all of the great parades, food, music, and costumes - after all, isn’t Mexican food just the best? 

If you love the holiday as much as we do, then we’re sure you already know that Cinco De Mayo isn’t actually a Mexican holiday, but instead it’s an American-made holiday. Who’d have guessed. Make sure to check out our interview with MexntheCity, and get the record straight. 

Tempted to Visit Mexico?

This video was brought to our attention from our friends at MexNtheCity, who document all things hip in Mexico. If you have the traveling bug now, this video will make you want to pack your bags and dip down to Mexico for the art, architecture, and general forward thinking vibe the country has to offer.

The project is entitled 24 hours in Mexico City, and features images from the city during a 24-hour period. The video was premiered at the Mexican pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010. The Mexico City Tourism Promotion Fund helped made it all happen and it was co-directed by Luis Mandoki and Mariana Rodriguez. Additional people that worked in photography and editing were Alberto Anaya, Estaban Arrangoiz and Yaome Escamilla. The Music was created by Alejandro Castaños.

HAPPENING - VIVA MEXICO - The night begins with cocktails by Maestro Dobel, the perfect way to celebrate Mexican Independence! Will we be seeing you this evening? #Mexnthecity

Arriba Thom Yorke

The new Radiohead video, “Lotus Flower” launched Feb 16th and has already garnered 3,880,858 views on YouTube. We know you’ve seen it because it’s infiltrated all of our Facebook’s, Twitters, and Tumblr’s… God Bless a good ol’ fashion viral video.

Now that we are on week 2, prepare for the “spin-off"s… here’s a highly enjoyable version from our Mexican connoisseur friends Mexnthecity. It almost seems like we’re watching the last guest at some hip Mexican wedding.

Here’s Thom killin’ it with a Cumbia. 

M&TC: We’ll be kicking it with the Fly Nowhere Football Club crew once more for this second Mexico game. Come join us! It’s going to be bananas!

Mexico vs. Brasil
Tuesday, June 17th
Get your pregame charge 2-3pm with DJ Kyra Caruso
Cervezas, tacos and open air watching
B-Bar 40 E 4th St on the Bowery


IRIS: Did you catch Arcade Fire getting their Mexican on with Huichol prints and Tribal Guarachero beats on “Here Comes the Night Time” after hours tv special? Personally the highlight is “hottie” Michael Cera playing a Spanish speaking bartender.


IRIS: Growing up Mexican is bad ass. Buzzfeed shows how adult Americans react to eating our childhood treats. No pain no gain!