oye esa mamada!
estas si que son cursindejadas!

I dunno….I just can’t…
*sigh* I just can’t see myself acting like that.
no matter how much I like someone.
I can’t do pet names. I’m horrible at giving them….and at taking them. 
try calling me muffin, hun, baby…and I’m like o___O
sing to me over the phone at night [which has happened] and I will most likely fall asleep. [which has happened as well]

so i the end

no soy una cursindeja :]

but this video is hilarious,
I <3 his videos. 

aww yeaa!
werevertumorro videos! 


of course, my late night dose of the mexivloggers.

this video: true story.


Another Hector Leal vlog.

Just because it reminded me of the hype from the rapture.

prefer this one to the previous one I posted

yes I know…he talks obnoxiously loud.

aahhh :D so I just decided to post this because I truly enjoy watching these guys’ videos

and everytime I go on tumblr I see a new person has liked or reblogged it
my post is now at 25 notes! :D

can’t help but to feel accomplished.

and none of these people are my friends

they’re all randoms that like the mexivloggers as well :]

check them out! & click the link