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Mexico City prosecutor’s office blames woman for her own murder

  • A young woman in Mexico City was violently killed on her university campus on Wednesday. Prosecutors pinned the blame on her, prompting fierce criticism of the way Mexico treats violence against women.
  • Lesvy Berlin Osorio, 22, was strangled to death with a telephone cord on Wednesday. She was found on the campus of Mexico’s National Autonomous University with still holding her dog’s leash.
  • Instead of focusing on the grizzly nature of her death — or who could have strangled her — prosecutors took to social media to share incriminating personal details about the victim. 
  • According to El País, the Mexico City prosecutor’s office described Osorio on Twitter as “an alcoholic and a bad student.” 
  • They said she “was shooting up with some friends” and that she “had left home and was living out of wedlock with her boyfriend.”
  • Prosecutor Rodolfo Rios has since ordered that the tweets be removed, noting that “the behavior, private life or social status of a victim should never affect an investigation,” according to El País. 
  • But that apology couldn’t quash swift backlash in the form of a viral hashtag: #SiMeMatan, or “if they kill me.” Read more (5/8/17)
traigo la cabeza llena de desapariciones por ti
los besos que me diste me secuestran
estoy amarrado en la parte trasera de tu camioneta
rumbo a la soledad perpetua
rompes mis costillas
te vienes
me bañas de gasolina
dices que esta es la última vez que nos vemos
tus palabras son un cigarro
cayendo sobre mi cuerpo
las llamas de la soledad me devoran los huesos
hasta que es imposible identificarme
no quiero justicia
quiero volver a abrazarte
dormir contigo en nuestra pequeña fosa
desde que te fuiste
me siento ceniza en una bolsa
un velorio sin cuerpo presente
una marcha de gente indignada
que como tú y yo
no se entienden
—  Fragmento de “La balada de la violencia mexicana” de Ashauri López. Texto completo en

Vivas nos queremos, by Abelardo Ojeda.

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Mexican navy and federal police personnel take notes at the scene where the bodies of two men were dumped in the Pacific coast resort city of Acapulco, Mexico, Saturday Feb. 5, 2010. The two bodies had their heads bound in plastic tape and their hands and feet bound with gaffer tape. They had been shot in the head and neck and a warning message to a rival drug gang was left behind. (AP Photo/Bernandino Hernandez)


El 8 de octubre, Lucia Perez, 16 años de edad, fue secuestrada por dos hombres en Mar del Plata, Argentina. Fue encerrada en un cuarto, drogada, torturada y violada por dos días. Como resultado de sus lesiones Lucia sufrió un ataque al corazón y falleció. Este asesinato conmociono no solo a Argentina, pero a toda America Latina no solo por la corta edad de Lucia pero tambien por la manera en la que se ensañaron con ella.

Las cifras de feminicidio en Latinoamerica son alarmantes. De los 25 paises con las tasas mas altas de feminicidios, 14 de ellos se encuentran en America Latina. Entre esos paises se encuentran Guatemala, Honduras y El Salvador. En Argentina cada 30 horas se comete un feminicidio y en Perú solo en esta semana ocurrieron 11 feminicidios. 

A raiz de esto, el dia de ayer miles de mujeres marcharon en diferentes paises de Latinoamerica, incluyendo Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Guatemala y España para reclamar nuestros derechos y para afirmar que nuestras vidas son igual de valiosas e importantes. Todas gritando en unisono “Ni Una Menos, Vivas nos Queremos”


Vivas nos queremos, by Abelardo Ojeda.

// More of my Street Photography:


Tens of thousands of people dressed in black have marched through Mexico City in the largest demonstration yet against the government’s response to the disappearance and probable massacre of 43 student teachers on Sep26. The march was marked by an outbreak of violence as a small group of protesters clashed with riot police in the city’s central Zócalo plaza.
Nov21 2014


Please pay attention to the what is happening in your world right now… (Location/whats happening)

-Ferguson/Michael Brown
-Mexico/ 43 missing (kidnapped) students
-Hong Kong/protest against the government for democracy
-Sierra Leone, Guinea & Liberia/still fighting Ebola
-Iraq, Syria and other middle eastern countries/ISIS and other terrorist groups killing innocent people everyday
-Nigeria/Boko Haram and the kidnapping of 300 school girls

 -Ukraine/pro-Russian separatist vs Ukrainians and the disagreement over the Ukraine’s future as a country.                                                                  

-Israel & Palestine/ bombing in Gaza, and the fight over land and religion, clashing views between Jews and Arabs that have been happening for over 100 years.

I know there’s way more feel free to add them
Cartel drug war made Mexico more deadly than Iraq or Afghanistan in 2016
Only Syria is more dangerous than Mexico as a brutal drug war rages on.

The drug war in Mexico was ranked 2016’s second deadliest conflict in the world, with only the war in Syria being labelled worse, a new annual survey has revealed. This means Mexico experienced levels of violence far more extreme than that of Iraq, Yemen or Afghanistan.

As the war against Isis in Iraq, the civil war in Syria, and the conflict between the forces of Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi and the Houthi rebels made the headlines, violence in Mexico has gone relatively underreported. The activities of criminal organisations there have now reached the level of a full-blown armed conflict.

Violence in Mexico between state forces and cartels claimed 23,000 lives during 2016, second only to Syria, where 50,000 people died as result of a multi-dimensional civil war which included hundreds of air strikes by Russia and the US-led coalition, all-out urban warfare, and widespread use of suicide attacks.

Another journalist killed as Mexico struggles to contain violence

MEXICO CITY, May 15 (Reuters) - An award-winning Mexican journalist was gunned down on Monday in the northwestern state of Sinaloa, the fifth reporter killed in the past three months as the country struggles to contain resurgent bloodshed among warring drug cartels.

Journalist Javier Valdez was shot and killed when an unknown number of assailants opened fire on his car, according to the website of online media outlet RioDoce, which he helped found and where he continued to work.

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) urged President Enrique Pena Nieto earlier this month to prioritize protection for the media in the last year of his government, citing the killing of at least 21 journalists in the past decade with “complete impunity.”

The CPJ awarded Valdez its International Press Freedom Award in 2011 for his prolific coverage of drug trafficking and organized crime. (Reporting by Anthony Esposito; Editing by Sandra Maler)


Peaceful Protest at the Trump Rally in San Jose CA..

-1st off I am a San Jose born and raised. My Abuelita is from Michoacan, and my Grandpa the same place.. But this is not about them.. Today I have the responsibility to set the record straight.. Yesterday during the protest I showed up in my friends car and we saw all the protestors walking towards us.. We were playing the song “F*ck Donald Trump” by Nipsey Hussle and YG, as they got close, I hopped out the car and we all started dancing and chanting “F*Ck DONALD TRUMP.” Yes I am the one with the white shirt.. People then jumped on the car and we had what we call in the Bay Area, a sideshow. Now the news would not show the positive energy of people dancing in the streets like our ancestors who would dance around a fire. In this dance there were Brown Panthers, Nortes, Surenos, Black and Brown Unity, Whites, Asians, Native, and all the other colors of the human palettes dancing and chanting. There was no violence at all. In fact even when we started to notice dents to the roof of the car, we asked people to get off and everyone obliged happily and laughed understanding that this was the only car we have.. They then began Chanting “F*ck Donald Trump” and went on with the protest walking down San Carlos st.. 

 -Now for the Bad Apples that started the fights I do not condone that.. On top of that, the media is not showing all the Trump Supporters tantalizing and taunting the peaceful protestors.. Now Violence is never the answer.. But the media will never show the Brown Panther telling people to be peaceful.. or the Trump Supporter talking shit to all the protestors and 4 young latina woman who were protesting kept people from throwing stuff at her.. Oh no the media like CNN, MSN, Huffington Post, Fox News, ABC, and etc.. They all want that WSHH ratings.. To show that in San Jose is a bunch of Savages.. We are not savages.. In fact most of the “Illegals” that you are talking about are 2nd up to 10th  generations in San jose.. 

-As for what happened after we left I could not tell you, except the bad apples that started acting up, were the 1st runs to run when the officers stepped in.. So do not blame everyone for what a few bad apples do.. That like saying because the KKK claim to be christian, we must assume all christians are racist.. Of course we all know that bs, so please, before you start going off on the subject that you do not know about.. Please figure how to talk to the locals.. Its 2016 we all have social media.. Hit me up if you got questions, concerns, or just want to chop it up.. I will set the records straight..

6 women are massacred every day in Mexico — so why doesn’t anyone care? 

Violence against women is a pandemic known as “feminicidio,” or femicide, in Mexico. Women are increasingly bearing the brunt of rampant corruption, fueled by the power of drug cartels. A recent statistic by the National Citizen Femicide Observatory reveals that six women are killed every day in Mexico. 

The response from the world, however, has been bizarrely muted. In September, the gruesome murder of 43 student protesters gained national attention when, upon the direction of local politicians, they were rounded up by police and handed over to a drug gang to kill and then burn. Yet the systematic killing of women barely gets reported, let alone investigated. As noted by Al Jazeera, only 24% of the roughly 4,000 femicides reported in 2012 and 2013 were investigated. Of those, only 1.6% ended in sentencing. 

It’s no wonder Mexico is consistently rated as one of the worst countries in the world for women. “The violence affects men and women, but often women disproportionately,” explains Minky Worden, director of global initiatives at Human Rights Watch, who connects the violence against women to Mexico’s “culture of male chauvinism.” “Mexico is a place where law enforcement remains a challenge, and the government has an obligation to protect women, but often fails in that obligation, as it does to protect men.”

Is it wrong to focus on the ‘bad aspects’ of immigration?

Hi, I’m a biracial hispanic working on a graphic novel that criticizes the white capitalist hetero patriarchy dominance and the time period is a ‘49-’52 post-WWII U.S. AU with urban-fantasy aspects (like golems and vampires). There’s about 30-something characters all of different ethnicities, sexualities, and beliefs. However…the main focus is on different crime syndicates who, historically, went almost unnoticed (since its so similar and even inspired US systems) during this time since the government focus was on the red scare.

The comic itself is a study of the gray area that focuses on the gangsters and the victims, and its character-driven as all are affected by a mix of sociopolitical, gender, and racial expectations from both crime and the political system criticised above. Thing is, I don’t live in the United States and only have documentaries and about a dozen or more books are references I’ve read to back up the story. I really want to do this comic, and I’ve done research for about 3 years, but…would it be right to do a story that focuses on what people see the “bad aspects” of immigrants/PoCs, (even if its due to a system that was forced, fed, and created by the hetero patriarchal racist system of the empire of the white-US). Especially in this current moment in time where the sensitivity of immigrants is at an all time high?

What are you uh, asking, exactly? 

If you’re asking “can I write morally grey characters who aren’t white,” yes.   Why couldn’t you?  It’s in the execution.  Villains, in the end, genuinely think they’re doing the right thing.  

If you’re asking “is it okay to portray racism in a fictional work,” yes.  Why wouldn’t you? It’s a source of external and internal conflict, and a historically accurate one.  Portraying racism and condoning it are two different things. 

If you’re asking “is it okay to portray the harsh fact that sometimes assimilation is necessary”, then yes.  You’re writing a story, not a propaganda piece, right? There are situations where assimilation is necessary for someone to survive, and I don’t mean “because they’ll get subjected to racism if they don’t.” I mean that you need to learn the local language to be able to call and talk to 911, you need to learn your rights here so that you don’t find yourself subjected to enduring the domestic abuse, employer abuse, etc. that is legal back where you’re from.  You need to learn the laws so you don’t learn what is illegal the hard way, because America has silly regulations on jaywalking and the like that other countries just kind of leave to common sense. 

If you’re asking “is it okay to criticize immigration,” yes, actually, it is, and the people who think you’re automatically evil for having something to say about immigration probably don’t realize things like the horrors of human trafficking, labor trafficking and employer abuse tied into this subject.

As for today’s sensitivity about immigration, well,… which ones do you mean? I guess you mean Mexicans, right?  Because the major immigrant groups of the 40s were Eastern Europeans and Mexicans.  Since you are being critical of Whites, I don’t suppose you really are writing about displaced people from war-torn Europe, and you’re talking about all the Mexicans, yes? 

If that is the case: 

When you explained the situation from the perspective that the trials of immigrants were due to the actions of the United States, the ask came off like you believe that the situation in the 1940s in America was solely due to the US’s actions, that the US was the only racist party. 

If you have not done so already, I recommend strongly that you take a critical eye to Mexico’s involvement in the situation as well and Mexico’s popular culture about communism versus capitalism.  I mean dude, in the 1940s, you had things going on like Mexico turning a nazi sympathizer into a cultural icon because he was a communist and we were willing to overlook all the wonderful things that Vasconcelos had to say about Hitler.  Today when you leave Mexico without a passport, the federales will SHOOT YOU if you don’t pay the bribe. What I’m saying here is, on top of researching the social and legal atrocities of the United States, research the social and legal atrocities of Mexico, because trust me, there are plenty.

For example, you mention that you want to criticise Capitalism: despite the popularity of communism in Mexico at the time, the Mexican president at the time (Aleman) was an anti-Communist, crony capitalist.  His government was more than corrupt, which is partially why Mexican people had to go so far out of their way to get a job in America  – it was better than any other option they had from the corrupt government of Mexico.  Aleman did improve Mexican industry but not Mexican standards of living, and the lives he enriched were mostly just his personal circle. 

Hell, Aleman basically helped cause the situation that today’s politics worry so much about today because he helped to negotiate the  Bracero program.  This is not to paint the United States as an angel, simply to say both nations are guilty of corruption and of the subjugation of the people who your story likely aims to represent, and you should research this subject as well.

- Rodriguez


“Quisieron enterrarnos, pero no sabían que eramos semillas”

February 26th. Day of global action for the 43 Ayotzinapa students that were kidnapped by their own government. It’s been 5 months with no answers, no justice, and no peace. Today there will be more protests. They will possibly be as violent as the one’s in Acapulco a few days ago. “If there is justice for the people, there will be no peace for the government.”

Don’t forget about Mexico.




Jon Stewart on how, despite Donald Trump’s infamous comments, a study revealed no correlation between increased immigration and increased rapes or violent crime, in today’s Punchlines