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You Won’t Like Mexico When It’s Angry
President Trump’s insults are pushing the Mexican political system into dangerous territory.

Jorge Guajardo (Mexico’s ambassador to China from 2007-2013) writes: 

“Since the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement [NAFTA], [historical] anti-U.S. sentiment has faded…. But, since Trump’s election, Mexico now wakes up to Trump’s tweets and humiliations. He doesn’t even offer the usual routine condolences after an earthquake kills nearly 100 Mexicans, even though we offered that and more after Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston. All our old suspicions are confirmed: The United States is not a friend. The United States is out to get us, again. We’re back to where we were before NAFTA. … In Mexico, many believe Americans want to screw us…. No matter which of Mexico’s three main political parties they support, the [people’s] demand is the same: Don’t submit us to humiliation from the United States. Not again. Not ever. Mexico and the United States are at a breaking point. The political pressures in Mexico pushing our president away from the U.S. are becoming impossible to control. Trump’s tweets… are no joke in Mexico. We’ve been a strong ally and a good neighbor to the United States. With his utter recklessness and racism, Trump may be bringing an end to all that." 

Mr. Guajardo details what may happen if Trump succeeds in breaking the relationship.