mexico too

  • So there's boycotting of American companies being planned and carried out by Mexicans to try and fight back against Trump's bullshit (especially the 20% tax he plans to put on Mexican products).
  • It's pretty shitty that it's coming down to this. : /
  • Nobody wins in these trade wars and Trump is just turning more and more countries against the US.
  • Now all that's missing is for China to step in and ally itself with Mexico.
Cozy vocab in Huasteca Nahuatl

Based on @malteseboy​‘s “cozy vocab in maltese”

  • tsokonis/tsoponis – kiss
  • tlamauisoli – movie 
  • tlaiknelistli – cuddles 
  • sueter – sweater
  • tsontetomitl – pillow 
  • tsopelatl – coffee
  • ikxipilotli – socks 
  • amochtli – book
  • pakitsilistli – comfort/happiness 
  • tlakemitl – blanket
  • kochistilistli – nap 
  • tlapitskali – fireplace 
  • tlitl – fire
  • misto – cat
  • totonik – warmth
  • tsitlalmej – stars
  • yamankatl – tea
  • tlakuajnanauili – hug
  • tlauili/cantela*/cera* – candle
  • tlaauetsi/tlakiesuis – rain (also used to say “it’s raining)
  • tlaseuetski – snow (same as rain)
  • yamanik – soft
  • selik – delicate
  • tsopelik – sweet
  • pakitstok – comfortable
  • totonik – warm
  • tekneltsi/yolpaktia – cozy/happy (to be somewhere)
  • tlatsokonis – to kiss
  • kuajnanauas – to hug
  • kinmokuitlauis – to take care (of somebody)
  • motekas – to lie down
  • molokotsos – to cuddle
  • tlapouas – to read
  • kochis – to sleep
  • mosiajauas   – to rest

*these come from Spanish candela and cera (wax) but are commonly used as well.

I have chosen to write in the SEP orthography and not classical orthography since these are modern words. 

If you know any other variants or vocab you would like to see added please let me know!

Secret Santa: 1st Place!!
  • America: I only want to talk, Mex.
  • Mexico: I'm not in the mood to hear more of your bullshit, America.
  • France: whoah, what's going on over there?
  • England: oh, America told me that Mexico is his secret Santa.
  • Spain and Portugal: ... good luck to him.
  • America: why are you so pissed at me for some reason?
  • Mexico: oh, I don't know, how about for fact that my neighbour has a lunatic as his leader??
  • America: do you think I don't understand that?? I'm frustrated about it too!!
  • Mexico: You're frustrated? I'm frustrated because the country that I really care about is depressed!
  • America: w-what... is that why you're frustrated...?
  • Mexico: a-u-um... yes...
  • America: because... because I'm frustrated that the person that I really like will forever hate me...
  • Mexico: ... y-you... see me that way...?
  • America: y-yeah...
  • Mexico: so... um... wanna kiss to make that idiot annoyed?
  • America: yep. *grabs and kisses Mexico under the mistletoe*
  • France and Spain: Awwwww~~
  • England: ... well that escalated quickly...
  • Switzerland: what the heck just happened???
  • Canada: sheesh, it's about time.
  • Portugal: ah, Canada, when did you get here?

Mexico, Cabo (A fun, colourful paradise)

Ever since I found my love for Mexican food, a long while now, I had always wanted to travel there! Its reputation for being fun, vibey and beautiful really attracted my partner and I, not to mention all the guacamole and pico da Gallo I could eat!
I think the most amazing thing about Cabo we found was how friendly and lovely the locals were. We were so welcomed everywhere we went.
Cabo for us was a place where we could relax on the beautiful medano beach and swim in the crystal clear sea and also have the choice to enjoy the fun, party vibe that it has to offer!
Completely up there with one of my favourite places to travel too!! Mexico, until the next time. Hasta La Vista.

Happy Birthday, ladymariianna!

February 9 - Clint/Darcy free choice prompt for @ladymariianna

I picked “Nothing risqué, nothing gained”

“And this is Clint,” Natasha said, “Clint, meet Dr Jane Foster and her assistant, Darcy Lewis.”

“It’s Sexy McBiceps!” Darcy said in surprised delight.

“Darcy!” Jane elbowed her in the ribs even as Natasha laughed.

What did you call him?”

“He was Coulson’s chief henchman in New Mexico. Phil wasn’t too big on sharing details like the names of his agents, so we made up nicknames that we could identify them by. Like, Sexy McBiceps.” Darcy pointed at Clint’s thick upper arms. “Dude, do any of your shirts have sleeves? I seriously hope not, because it’d be a crime to cover up those guns.”

“I’m so sorry about her,” Jane said to Clint, having given up on attempting to elbow Darcy into silence.

“I’m not,” Clint was grinning broadly. He shook Jane’s hand politely and reached for Darcy’s, holding onto it a lot longer than strictly necessary. “I’m not sorry about her at all.”

“See, Jane!” Darcy elbowed her friend back. “Like I always say… nothing risqué, nothing gained!”

“Let me take you to meet Doctor Banner, Jane,” Natasha smoothly hooked her arm through Jane’s and drew her away, casting a conspiratorial grin at Clint over her shoulder. “He’s been dying to meet you.”

“So,” Clint said as the door closed behind Jane and Natasha, “what does being risqué usually gain you, then?”

“A date?” Darcy said hopefully.

“Oh, I think I could definitely manage that.” His smile was slow, sexy, and warmed Darcy in all the right places.

When purchasing live stock (fish, inverts, or plants) from another country

Fish, inverts, and plants must go through a transhipper or someone with a importing permit and license for US buyers. This is one reason why transhippers charge fees. It pays for the time and money the transhipper has used to get your fish into the US without you having to deal with all that headache. Permits, licenses, paying the custom officer(s), and Fish and Game is not cheap. That is not counting in gas and paperwork that needs to be filled out. Do not believe when the seller tells you it is fine to send a small amount in the mail and you will not get caught. Mail is randomly checked or if anything looks suspicious. Some have been lucky not to get caught yet. This goes for any US buyer purchasing from Canada or Mexico too. Anything live needs to go through customs. It is not worth it to get caught, fined $250+, maybe jail time, and your name put onto a federal list. There are reasons why the US has these laws and restrictions. Do not purchase anything illegal unless you do not care about getting caught. Why post about it or show photos on social media? That is just a stupid decision.


bad time to find out about your language kink for Makoto, Haru.
bad time to find out your boyfriend doesn’t care where you Do it, Makoto.

I like to think Makoto took language courses in university. He knows some French and a little more English now, but he’s most proficient in Spanish.

Based on ep1 of the current season of The Amazing Race! AAAAAAA I’m watching for Burnie and Ashley!! theyre so adorable they kiss a lot 😭😭 I thought their energy and affinity was so makoharu-like I just had to dRAW! I hope they win!

team makoharu winning the race and the 1 million dollars 🎉🎉🎉🎉