mexico rural

fox mulder checks into a hotel in rural new mexico on the hunt for another mysterious x file

“name?” asks the woman at the front counter

“juan,” he replies, “juan tubeleve”


Sunset Over Magdalena Mountain, Central New Mexico by Colleen Gino


Pieper M1893 Revolving Carbine, Mexican contract.

Manufactured in Belgium for the Mexican Rurales, serial number 112.
9-shots cylinder, 8x50mmR Pieper caliber.

The Pieper revolving carbine, unlike any other of this kind - usually spelling their uselessness, used the same gas-seal system as the Nagant M1895 revolver designed in 1886. The 8mm cartridge’s brass was very long, encompassing the whole of the bullet, and the cylinder pushed it forward on firing, creating a sealed bridge with the barrel when it expended. This allowed the fitting of a suppressor on the handgun and the use of a front grip on the carbine.

my meow-meow the science cat tag

Meow-Meow was born the smallest and greyest of a litter of 5. His parents were farm cats for Tom and Millie Santos, an elderly couple living in rural New Mexico. Life was pretty good back then. But when Millie died, Tom couldn’t take care of himself on his own, never mind seven cats, and moved to Santa Fe to live with his son and daughter-in-law. They took all the cats they could find with them, finding them new and loving homes elsewhere. But Meow-Meow was only little and found change very scary and hid under the house the whole time. Tom didn’t know where he was, and Meow-Meow wouldn’t come when called. So eventually they had to leave him behind :(

They sold the house to a guy from LA who wanted to convert the big old disused missile silo out back into an underground apartment complex. So soon there was an influx of construction workers and machinery that scared Meow-Meow even more. He was still living under the house, or in the attic, where people couldn’t reach, eating the moths and bats and mice. This guy who brought all the noisy, thumpy machines only got so far when the housing bubble burst and the whole place was left alone. So by the time Meow-Meow was an adult cat, he was pretty used to being alone. It was okay, not great.  There were no ear-scritches, or boob cuddles.

But after a while a new set of thumpy, noisy humans arrived, with their own set of machines, and filled out the house again. They weren’t so bad as the construction humans but they weren’t turning it back into a farm like Tom and Millie.

One night there was a big thunderstorm and Meow-Meow had to run back to the house to hide under the porch. Which is scary enough anyway - double scary when there’s a big big big human sitting on the porch swing watching the storm with a beard and a grin on his face. This one has the heaviest footsteps of all and Meow-Meow listens to them clumping back inside.

“There is an animal residing under our porch,” Thor announced, pointing a finger downwards.

“Aww, it’s probably scared by the storm,” cooed Darcy, while Jane went with a suspicious “what kind of animal? You want raccoons? This is how you get raccoons.”

“Small, four-legged, and fast. Dark grey.”

“We’re gonna need more than that, buddy,” Darcy prompted.

“Hmm, well, its face had the appearance of having collided with a very steep hillside.”

Darcy and Jane figure that is a cat but that there’s no point trying to coax it out when all it wants to do is hide.

In the morning the storm is gone and Meow-Meow pokes his head out from under the house. It’s a bright sunny morning, with a light breeze, and a bowl of tuna fish sitting just by the steps. He hasn’t had tuna for ages and ages!! So he gobbles it all up and when he turns around there’s another human on the porch. Not a big scary one this time. A smaller one, with dark-hair, who makes kissy noises and looks like she’d be really good at boob cuddles and ear-scritches. He’s very tentative at first but Darcy gives the best boob cuddles.

He gets a bath (!), some more cuddles, more food, a trip to the vet (!!) and then brought back to the house. Inside the house, not under it, where Darcy has Meow-Meow’s very own cat-bed lined up next to hers. And a food dish, and a scratch post, and lots of boxes, and lots of things that light up and go beep. He becomes Darcy’s cat, and she becomes Meow-Meow’s human.

Jane is fine. She isn’t so good at cuddles as Darcy, but she lets Meow-Meow sleep on the machines that get warm. It takes him a while to get used to Thor. After all, Meow-Meow is just a small creature and Thor is probably the biggest creature Meow-Meow’s ever seen, and he once saw a coyote!

So that’s how Meow-Meow came with the lab and became an indoor cat, science intern and beloved pet. He still likes to eat moths though. They’re crunchy.

thebluedork  asked:

It's implied that Sonic has possessed Shadow on numerous occasions, both for necessity and not so much. What's the most embarrassing thing Sonic has made Shadow do during that possession, be it on purpose or on accident?

Actually, Sonic is surprisingly responsible with his possession abilities; he has a great respect for individual autonomy and free will, and he hates to take that away from others. So even though possession is his strongest ability (due to his own strong will), he really dislikes using it unless he needs to. 

That being said, I’m sure there were some ill-advised joyrides when he was first figuring out how stuff worked and didn’t really get what he was doing. Probably trying to find a hot dog stand in rural Mexico without speaking a word of Spanish, attempting to run at supersonic speeds in a body that just can’t do that, realizing that rocket boots are a lot harder to use than he thought, and Shadow waking up alone in the desert with no idea how he got there and half his quills burned off.