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DannyMay Day Five “Moment in Time/Clocks.”

“Moment in Time.”

Clockwork’s job was one of, if not, the hardest one in all of the Ghost Zone, but also one of the most rewardings. Even if he had to see the most horrible thinkgs that had happened, the ones that would happen, the ones that were happening, and these that could have happened; he could also witness the most beautiful ones.

The Birth of Earth, the Moon Landing, the First Christmas Truce in the Ghost Zone, his favourite Beattles concert… you know, the good stuff.

He didn’t really like thinking inw what ‘could have been’, it was often sad, thinking of how much the world could be better, of how many things could have gone different.

But it wasn’t his jurisdiction to meddle with the course of history, even if the Observers didn’t respect it and made him do their dirty work.

But among the events that were worth re-watching over and over again were some of the most simple-looking…

In a library on a College, on the legends and myths section, a big bulky guy was searching through the shelves and huge dusty tomes focused on the different branches and beings of the paranormal.

Werewolves… no, vampires… no, hags… no, gnomes… no, ghsots…

“Bingo!” Exclaimed two cheery voices at the same time, right before being hooshed by everyone else. “Sorry!” Both said apologetically in a lower voice.

And then they finally saw each other: a big bulky guy with raven and slightly long hair, clear-water eyes and a lab frock oer his informal clothes; and a (in comparison to him) tiny girl with big violet eyes, reddish brown hair in curls at shoulder lenght and a casual outfit.

“Oh, uhm, sorry… are you going to use this book?” Asked the young woman.

“Ah-I, yeah, yes…” Said the bulky young man. “I’m… uh… I’m gonna use it on my research, but… you can have it! I’m just gonna use something else…”

“Oh! No, no, don’t worry! If it’s important, I can read it any other time, I… uhm…” Then, she took a small notebook out of her bag and quicly wrote something down, tore the paper and handed it to him. “You… tell me when you finish, ok?” And just like that, she left.

“Uh… sure thing!” He said, checking the paper, which only read a number phone and the name “Maddie…”

Oh, yes, Clockwork loved the small, simple moments in time, because from them, from these little moments of mere coincidence and chance, were born heroes.
To fund border wall, Trump administration weighs cuts to Coast Guard, airport security
The Federal Emergency Management Agency also could see significant cuts under an OMB proposal.

OK, let’s assume, just for a moment, that Mexico is full of “bad hombres” who are “bringing drugs,” “who are rapists,” etc. What about all the “bad hombres” who will fly over, or sail around, the Great Wall of America? You’re cutting the funding for the people who will keep us safe from them.

ManChildTrump really is an idiot!