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A todos aqui que sean de Mexico y Puebla por favor mantenganse seguros, chequen fugas de gas y traten de no mandar fotos ni videos por mensaje ya que se saturan las lineas

Teléfonos de emergencia:
Locatel 5658-1111.
Bomberos 5768-2532.
Fugas: 5654-3210.
Cruz Roja: 065
Emergencias: 911


To everyone here that lives in Mexico or Puebla please stay safe, check for any gas leaks and try not to send andy photos or videos by message since it is making the lines collapse

Emergency numbers:
Locatel 5658-1111.
Fore fighters 5768-2532.
Gas leaks: 5654-3210.
Red cross: 065
Emergencies : 911

DannyMay Day Five “Moment in Time/Clocks.”

“Moment in Time.”

Clockwork’s job was one of, if not, the hardest one in all of the Ghost Zone, but also one of the most rewardings. Even if he had to see the most horrible thinkgs that had happened, the ones that would happen, the ones that were happening, and these that could have happened; he could also witness the most beautiful ones.

The Birth of Earth, the Moon Landing, the First Christmas Truce in the Ghost Zone, his favourite Beattles concert… you know, the good stuff.

He didn’t really like thinking inw what ‘could have been’, it was often sad, thinking of how much the world could be better, of how many things could have gone different.

But it wasn’t his jurisdiction to meddle with the course of history, even if the Observers didn’t respect it and made him do their dirty work.

But among the events that were worth re-watching over and over again were some of the most simple-looking…

In a library on a College, on the legends and myths section, a big bulky guy was searching through the shelves and huge dusty tomes focused on the different branches and beings of the paranormal.

Werewolves… no, vampires… no, hags… no, gnomes… no, ghsots…

“Bingo!” Exclaimed two cheery voices at the same time, right before being hooshed by everyone else. “Sorry!” Both said apologetically in a lower voice.

And then they finally saw each other: a big bulky guy with raven and slightly long hair, clear-water eyes and a lab frock oer his informal clothes; and a (in comparison to him) tiny girl with big violet eyes, reddish brown hair in curls at shoulder lenght and a casual outfit.

“Oh, uhm, sorry… are you going to use this book?” Asked the young woman.

“Ah-I, yeah, yes…” Said the bulky young man. “I’m… uh… I’m gonna use it on my research, but… you can have it! I’m just gonna use something else…”

“Oh! No, no, don’t worry! If it’s important, I can read it any other time, I… uhm…” Then, she took a small notebook out of her bag and quicly wrote something down, tore the paper and handed it to him. “You… tell me when you finish, ok?” And just like that, she left.

“Uh… sure thing!” He said, checking the paper, which only read a number phone and the name “Maddie…”

Oh, yes, Clockwork loved the small, simple moments in time, because from them, from these little moments of mere coincidence and chance, were born heroes.

In case you were worried...

… after the recent 7.1 earthquake on Mexico, I’m fine and luckily my town it’s fine too, my family and friends are ok and the big damages are in the center of Mexico City which are pretty bad with a quite amount of destroyed buildings, but not as bad as it was on September 19 1985 so it’s seems that mother nature has a this kind of black humor for us to have this earthquake just on this date (Sept 19 2017) and unfortunately we have over 200 dead and the list keeps growing.

So, I just made this post to report my status and as I said, I’m fine. Thank you to anyone who was concerned for my well being .



On September 19 of that same year there was a 7.2 earthquake in the city of mexico with epicenter in Puebla and was completely devastating, collapses, farms and more than 200 deaths recorded at this time. The city of mexico, morelos and puebla were the most affected, in fact a few days before this earthquake this 7 of September of 2017 registered a greater magnitude of 8.2 degrees that affects horribly to the south of Mexico in fact the most affected were oxaca and chiapa Mexico is in very tense times and all the people affected throughout the country need your help and you can help us and join this cause by sending us things if you want or you can also help share this so that more people see and help alike. They can also donate to people who are doing their best in the rescue work
What we need:

-canned food
-chocolate powder or tablet
- rescue tools
-personal hygiene products
- first aid kits
-pilas, gasoline and and flashlights

Please guys, I’m from Mexico and in these moments of tension we need support with your little bit of sand sharing this or helping by donating something
Thanks for your attention

Donations if you live abroad

Rescue brigade TOPOS:
Account Santander: 92000709294

Mexican Red Cross:
Wishlist Amazon
Account Bancomer: 0404040406



El 19 de septiembre de ese mismo año hubo un terremoto de 7,0 en la ciudad de méxico con epicentro en Puebla y fue completamente devastador, colapsos, granjas y más de 200 muertes registradas por el momento. La ciudad de méxico, morelos y puebla fueron las más afectadas, de hecho unos días antes de este terremoto este 7 de septiembre de 2017 registró una magnitud mayor de 8.2 grados que afecta horriblemente al sur de México en realidad los más afectados fueron oxaca y chiapa México está en tiempos muy tensos y todas las personas afectadas por todo el país necesitan su ayuda y usted puede ayudarnos y unirse a esta causa enviándonos cosas si usted quiere o también puede ayudar a compartir esto para que más gente vea y ayude por igual. También pueden donar a personas que están haciendo su mejor esfuerzo en el trabajo de rescate
Lo que necesitamos:

-comida enlatada
-chocolate en polvo o tableta
- herramientas de rescate
-productos de higiene personal
- botiquines de primeros auxilios
-pilas, gasolina y linternas

Por favor chicos, soy de México y en estos momentos de tensión necesitamos apoyo con su poco de arena compartiendo esto o ayudando donando algo
Gracias por tu atención

Donaciones si vives en el extranjero

Brigada de rescate TOPOS
Banco Santander: 92000709294 

Cruz Roja Mexicana
Wishlist Amazon
Banco Bancomer: 0404040406