These white cooks bragged about stealing recipes from Mexico to start a Portland business

  • There’s a long simmering conversation in the food world about cultural appropriation — about who’s allowed to cook what, and why — but it’s usually a tad more subtle than what Kali Wilgus and Liz “LC” Connelly confessed to Willamette Week in Portland, Oregon.
  • Wilgus and Connelly were profiled by Willamette Week about the delicious handmade tortillas they sell out of a food truck called Kooks Burritos on Cesar Chavez Boulevard in Portland. The duo said they learned their craft from women in Puerto Nuevo, Mexico.
  • “I picked the brains of every tortilla lady there in the worst broken Spanish ever, and they showed me a little of what they did,” Connelly told Willamette Week. “They told us the basic ingredients, and we saw them moving and stretching the dough similar to how pizza makers do before rolling it out with rolling pins. They wouldn’t tell us too much about technique, but we were peeking into the windows of every kitchen, totally fascinated by how easy they made it look. We learned quickly it isn’t quite that easy.”
  • The problem, of course, is that it’s unclear whether the Mexican women who handed over their recipes ever got anything in return. And now those same recipes are being sold as a delicacy in Portland.  Read more (5/19/17)

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“Non si può amare solo con la voglia di amare.
Con il voler amare.
Con il voler restare.
Con il crederci.
Con io lo amo.
Perché poi non basta.
Non regge.
L’amore non basta per amare.
Bisogna che ci sia la storia, per amare.
La vita, per amare.
Non bastano le parole, per amare.
Neanche quelle giuste, bastano.
Neanche le parole d’amore bastano per amare.
Dobbiamo fare una passeggiata.
Dobbiamo cenare insieme.
Leggere un giornale.
Andare a fare la spesa.
Fare una cosa insieme.
Che sia nostra.
Che siamo noi.
Io e te.
Non basta fare sesso per fare l’amore.
Ci vogliono i baci.”

- Frida Kahlo, L’Amore Non Basta Per Amare.


Zapatistas - A Native movement group of rebels who fights for the rights of Indigenous people in Mexico, active since 1994. EZLN