Donald Trump regales Iowans with plan to cover Mexican border wall in solar panels

  • At a rally in Iowa on Wednesday night, President Donald Trump made public an idea he reportedly first pitched to Republican leaders in Congress several weeks ago: covering his massive, promised wall on the Mexican border with solar panels.
  • Trump said he had come up with the idea himself. He added he believed it solved the key problem of how exactly it would be financed, as said solar wall would pay for itself by generating electricity.
  • “We’re thinking of something that’s unique, we’re talking about the Southern Border,” Trump told the crowd. “Lots of sun, lots of heat.” Read more. (6/22/17, 8:51 AM)
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Hi, I’m Esmeralda. I was born in Mexico, but was raised in the United States and have lived here since I was 4. I’m hoping to find someone to whom I can write actual letters or just simply get to know online. Currently in uni studying chemical engineering. I love trying out new recipes, exercising, reading books, drawing/painting and exploring the city.
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