mexicans of asia

“aren’t filipinos, like, the mexicans of asia?" 
"filipinos aren’t even asian though, they’re pacific islanders.”
“well yeah the philippines is an island off asia like japan, but they’re not entirely asian.”
“if you’re asian, how come you’re not good at math? all asians are good at math." 
"aren’t all filipinos like related to each other?”
“isn't putang ina mo really bad in filipino? teach me how to say something bad.”
“you’re not going to be a nurse when you graduate?”
“do you eat that weird duck egg thing? or that pork blood stew? how can you eat that? that looks so gross." 

and every time i hear these things, it’s nothing compared to when i hear other filipinxs who internalize all this and hate themselves. mga kaibigan ko, mga kapatid ko, mga pinsan ko, mahal na mahal kita. no matter what non-filipinxs say or other filipinxs, you deserve nothing but the utmost love and care for yourself. it will take time, i’m still unlearning so much shit, but come talk to me and we can pull through this together. 

in other news: practicing how to smile is a lot of fun! i’m going to smile a lot more this year. 

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