Seriously, s/o to all the young and older Mexican boys waking up early on weekends and during the summer to go roofing with their fathers and uncles and shout out to the young and older Mexican girls that went with their aunts and mothers to clean houses. S/o to my Mexican people always working so damn hard always willing to take on any task. I’m sorry we don’t get the respect or pay we deserve but I admire our hard work, our grind. Go us. 🇲🇽


Remembering Chávez Ravine

Current Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium in Chávez Ravine stands over what was once a thriving Mexican community. Palo Verde, La Loma and Bishop were some of the barrios demolished by developers as part of the Dodgers’ relocation from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 1958.

The trauma experienced by those evicted was felt by many for their entire lives. Although almost all have passed away, several of the survivors and their families still gather for an annual reunion in Los Angeles.

Their bond to Chávez Ravine is strong, and for many, the Dodgers’ presence in the place where they were born and raised is physically painful.

“There’s an old Mexican custom that where you’re born, the umbilical cord is buried. Mine’s buried under third base,” Lou Santillán, an eviction survivor, told the LA Times in 2012. “And I hate home runs, ‘cause every time they step on third base, my stomach hurts.”

See documentary here: Chávez Ravine A Los Angeles Story 

Photos credits: Los Angeles Public Library Photo Collection, UCLA

Sweet Robbie Schneider knows what’s up!

I’ve actually seen people on social media trying to defend his statements by “explaining” that Trump was only referring to illegal immigrants and it doesn’t matter cuz they can’t vote.

Yeah, we know; but it doesn’t change anything. In insulting undocumented people, he insulted the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins of every first, second, etc., generation offspring of these people. And guess what? We can and do vote. And more and more have been registering to vote following his ignorant statements.

Make your voices heard. Society already tries to marginalize us. Let’s not do it to ourselves. Make the most of the power you have. Only then can you hope for more.