Ok so I just saw this post on Humans of New York facebook page that told a story about a Mexican couple in New York and people in the comments were talking as if mentioning that they were from Mexico was a bad thing. My joy after reading about people from my country almost vanished when i realized that people were seeing it as if it were something to keep secret, something bad, something wrong to mention and I was like wtf???This guy goes around New York and takes pics of people of people from all over the world and when he mentions they’re from China or from Nigeria or Brazil I’ve NEVER seen in the comments people talking about it like it was a bad thing. 

Oh but I know. I know how the media portrays us and how the world treats us Mexicans. I know how lots of people see us and immediately think “oh they must all be illegal immigrants” and I know how people think we all work as gardeners or construction workers. And you know what???


FUCK YOU world for making me think being Mexican was a bad thing when I was younger. 

FUCK YOU for making me question my own culture

FUCK YOU for making me think I’m less than other people

FUCK YOU for making me think that I can’t make mistakes ‘cause people will say “well and what did you expect of a Mexican?” 

FUCK YOU ‘cause I was so paranoid when learning English and I still never want to make pronunciation or grammar mistakes ‘cause I feel like people will think it’s because I am Mexican

FUCK YOU for making me wish I had been born anywhere else when i was younger because i was so ashamed of my own nationality

FUCK YOU for making me feel uncomfortable when I travel, ‘cause there’s still a little voice inside of me that tells me I don’t belong anywhere else, even if I always travel legally and with money my family has earned with hard work, because I feel like someone will scream at me to go back to Mexico and will see me as a lazy parasite 

FUCK YOU for making me believe that my country’s and our govenment’s problems are my fault 

FUCK YOU for making me judge and diminish people who haven’t had the luck of having the opportunities I’ve had and try to get a better life for their families ‘cause things here are so difficult, and making me think of them just as “people who give us a bad image” 

FUCK YOU for making me think that hard-working, strong, intelligent people are less worth of respect or merit just ‘cause they are gardeners or construction workers like that was a bad thing when those are completely respectable, honorable jobs

FUCK YOU for making it look like “we need to be saved” in your stupid movies

FUCK YOU for making me think I have to “prove to you” that “I’m not like the Mexican stereotype” ‘cause now apparently everything about us is a joke to you?? Sombreros and tacos and Spanish and all our traditions and values are a joke to you??

and FUCK YOU ‘cause even now that I’m growing up and seeing how things really are and realizing that there’s nothing wrong with being proud of my heritage and my culture and myself  there’s still a part of me that knows that some of you will always see me as less and feel superior 

just FUCK YOU for your ignorance, FUCK YOU for your indifference, FUCK YOU for your racist shit and FUCK YOU if you think I’m exaggerating ‘cause I am not and YOU DON’T KNOW how this is for us 

‘cause YES i am MEXICAN and there’s NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT an YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN ME and if you still feel you are you should start educating yourself and stop being such a blind, self-absorbed prick 

this is the year of me being unapologetic.

I’m done being a fucking door mat to people’s racism. I’m done sighing under my breath and continuing to work quietly while the white girl next to me talks about how her son had “ch***k” eyes when he was a baby. I’m done laughing things off when someone tells me “Omg that’s so mexican, Ivonne!” I’m simply done letting people slide with their shit, NO MAS CABRONES. 

There’s an uprising in my veins, a fire in my heart. I won’t stand by while my people get treated like shit. I won’t stand by when other ethnic groups get shitted on. 

I’m just done.