I a little older on the age range for the millennial generation. Growing up we had all of the gay dating and hook-up sites, but smartphones weren’t really a thing yet so i had to sneak around in the middle of the night to use the family computer to find dates. I had to grow up fast and take a lot of risks really young, especially growing up in a mostly white, very rural area super conservative area where i blended in mostly since i’m half white myself (though the Mexican side of my family raised me), but finding anything to immerse myself in either my Mexican culture or gay culture was hard. I guess i’m overcompensating now because once i left the midwest of America i never looked back, and i’m letting myself have the more carefree youthful existence i missed out on before. Im proud to be Mexican and gay, and each day is a journey in exploring both of those worlds and what they mean to me.

I love you all. You matter.

@lgbtandlatinxandloud @alexandrareadsthings

Pork Empanadas from La Hacienda de San Angel located in Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion.