Brandon: Religion and Science walk in the same road

Brandon: Who I am to tell a women what to do to their body? (about abortion)

Brandon: I don’t mind that people pay too much attention to my body even thought I would like people pay attention to my music

Brandon: when I was kid, I accidentally killed a bird and I was a mess, so no hunter style life for me and my kids

Brandon: It does not bother me at all, it is not something that makes me angry that gay people get married

me: I’ve found my right problematic fave.

(this small interview is so gooood)

Culture appropriation

Okay let’s talk about it. Y'all think Miley Cyrus is being racist and what not for wearing dread locks as if they belong to the black race only. Why is this the only issue that comes up, when it come to ‘disrespecting’ a culture? What about the bindi (traditionally used by Hindu women) that was used for Coachella fashion and fashion statements everywhere? Another, which I’m offended by because it’s part of my culture, is the sugar skull. Calaveras (sugar skulls) are tattooed onto people, put on clothing and also made into jewelry for simply the look of it. Which I don’t appreciate considering the sensitivity that comes along with it! Calaveras are used as a symbolic figure for those that we love, who have died. So where’s the big attack on everyone who’s done this as well? Wearing dread locks isn’t culture appropriation because the hairstyle isn’t symbol or even simply part of any culture.

Blondie by David Lozeau by David Lozeau
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Cross point — Tales from the Rain World Series, by Abelardo Ojeda.

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The Migrant Experience: PRODUCTORA Uses Temporary Architecture to Explore Mexico City’s History 

Mexico City-based firm PRODUCTORA creates architecture that seeks a single “gesture,” often exploiting the tension between the partners’ personal interests and the demands of site, context, program, and client. Setting its research in formal, spatial, and tectonic systems in opposition to a project’s conditions, the firm frequently uses wit or play to find fresh solutions to design challenges. PRODUCTORA’s pavilion for the 2014 Culture Fair in Mexico City, for example, was an exploration into the issue of migration to that city. After ascending a long walkway to a view over the Zócalo square, visitors then walked down and symbolically experienced arrival in the historic center. A set of ramps, balconies and passages wrapped around an equilateral triangle eight meters high containing an experiential, museum-like space. In reference to early migrants’ timber boats, the pavilion was constructed entirely of wood. The structure was prefabricated in a workshop and erected in eight days, to be dismantled within two weeks of the end of the fair. PRODUCTORA is among over 100 architects, artists, and designers participating in the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial this October.
A Cap and Gown in the Strawberry Fields | Bitch Media
22-year-old Eunice Gonzalez discusses growing up and graduating from college as the daughter of immigrant farmworkers.

“Deportation is scary and I’ve realized that I’ve grown up with an innate fear of Border Patrol or la migra. There were stories of ICE going to the fields directly to find undocumented workers. I remember being scared knowing that while I was in school there was a possibility that my parents could get taken away. Although I don’t hear these stories as often, I recently had a dream where instead of ICE deporting my family, it was politicians in business suits taking away my mother.” -Eunice Gonzalez {}

We all know damn well El Tuca didn’t call up Gio,Jona, or Memo because of the things said/how they reacted when El Piojo threw hands at that commentator.
And I don’t even know if these are just friendlies or if they even matter but if they don’t then it’s cool, I don’t care. I’ll survive.
Pero si sigue con sus mamadas when they play important games then yeah, I’ll be a little ticked off.
I get that he wants to discipline them for acting like pendejos pero he knows damn well that they’re a vital part to this team.
Next time, make them sit on their hands indefinitely or have them do 1000 push-ups I don’t know pero call them up lmao

My top 3 fave looks from some hot mixies at the VMA’s last night:

3. @ddlovato wearing Nicolas Jebran 💗 (#Mexican #Spanish & #Irish)
2. @fkatwigs wearing Versace 💣 (#Jamaican #English & #Spanish)
1. @nickiminaj wearing La Bourjoisie 🔥 (#Indian & #Trinidadian)

#MixedAtTheVMAs #mixedgirl #mixedgirls #mixedrace #mixedchick #mixedgirlbeauty #fashion #vmas