The Signs as Famous Vines
  • Aries:A potato flew around my room...
  • Taurus:"Look at all these chickens"
  • Gemini:That one chihuahua with the flag of Mexico on it's back
  • Cancer:Wii music gets me crunk
  • Leo:When you trip and your spaghetti falls out of your pocket
  • Virgo:Mexican GPS (Starbucks)
  • Libra:deeznuts
  • Scorpio:"Chip didn't invite Jerome to the tea party"
  • Sagittarius:"oh my god goals" "Are you watching soccer"
  • Capricorn:THE LIL BIRD
  • Aquarius:When the substitute is hot
  • Pisces:Fresh Prince Little Einsteins

Mexican Hot Chocolate with cinnamon and whipped cream -

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo…Today i have this massive craving for Mexican Hot Chocolate….So i made some! I love the glassware i used here, reminds me a bit like Mexican Jumping Beans…Enjoy

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I’m one day late with my “Mirame” post, but here I am! My name is Julio and I’m 28 years old. I was born in Mexico City and am currently living in Canada. I am proud of my Mexican roots and proud of my heritage. It’s a challenge being a gay, ethnic man because I’m a minority within my own community. And thinly-veiled racism in the gay community is definitely a thing. But I embrace my skin, my features, my heritage. This is who I am. And I am proud to represent gay, hispanic youth. Mirame, chingones!


Okay… Let’s try this again…

Hello! I am Anais Ariana Higuera and I’m 19 years old! I am a proud Mexican-American! 💪🏼✊🏼 I am often told that either my skin is too light to be Mexican or that I “MUST BE mixed with white because I’m too pretty to be Mexican” but who cares?!?!? I will embrace my roots and continue being the best I can be!! Like seriously… Have you seen Mexican women??? 😩😍 Anyways I hope you don’t mind me on your dash! #mirame

I realize I’m like an hour late for this thing but here’s the deal: I don’t care.

I was born Mexican, raised fucking latino and I’m not fucking wearing a sombrero or singing mariachi crap. I am my own person, my own life and experiences and my own dreams and accomplishments. I put a crapton of chili on everything, love beans and I’m as brown as brown gets, with black hair and dark eyes. Yes. But I am 6'3, I love heavy metal, I despise tequila, I play guitar and love sciency shit and english literature. I am not a stereotype and not a holiday (which by the way celebrates that one time our army kicked France’s ass although they invaded us anyway but sh and not our fucking independence) and thus the video. I see shittons of photos and selfies and whatnot but A: I have the confidence of a walnut during a squirrel raid and my guitar is the only thing that makes me happy enough to post myself alone and B: I love my music and playing it and I chose this song specifically for its lyrics. I am still willing to believe if you have done all that you can.