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Does anyone have some advice on reconnecting with one's Mexican heritage?

There’s a lot you can do actually I would start small like asking your parents if they are Mexican too to tell you about what being Mexican means to them.  There’s kids books that explain stuff like Dias De Los Muertos and Christmas (or Navidad) look for them in your local library or school library.   I was lucky enough to take courses in college about Mexico including about its history and traditions.   But the book we used in one of my classes was one of those limited university printings I think. Even my high school Spanish classes were geared towards native speakers.  

In Mexico there’s still a strong influence of Pre-Columbian culture on the Christian holidays like las Posadas that they still observe

You might want to learn some Spanish?  I would start with an app like Duolingo.  So you can watch some telenovelas and movies from Mexico.  I don’t watch telenovelas anymore but I loved Rebelde when I was younger.  One actor you might want to look up is Cantinflas or Mario Moreno.  

Mexican followers please add more suggestions!  I’m Mexican American so I know there’s a lot I’m probably missing on suggestions.

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send me a 💌 and i’ll tell you something i associate with you

Rainy days, Mexican hot chocolate, and Sunflowers


Ok! Remember that last post i did about this? Well @eldraftsman said something that’s PROBABLY true: FORESHADOWING. I know, it’s pretty obvious but if you look closer the girl that’s “sad” has freckles (just like Jackie’s) and the girl that’s dancing with the guy (or “wins” the guy) has like blushing cheeks, you would easily relate that with Star. Now… the foreshadowing may be that Star and Marco end together after all? (That girl [“Jackie”] seems sad tho :c) Idk guys… that’s my theory. Maybe we are just worried about nothing ;)

(Also their hairs are just too similar to Marco,Star and Jackie!)