Steak Tacos Combination from Antojitos Mexicanos DF in Des Moines, Iowa by Tyrgyzistan

just a couple a gals being Whole-Heartedly In Love And Devoted To Eachother on this lesbian day of visibility <3

me on the left (she/her) my gf on the right (also she/her)

anyway, here’s to my latina lesbians too, i’m mexican, my babe’s dominican and we are… como se dice…. In Love

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Hi! About svtfoe and Marco - in one episode there was a Mexican flag in the background in his Dad's garage so he's /at least/ half Mexican. It might be a little shallow but it was a small detail I picked up on but I haven't finished the second season yet so I'm not sure if he was canonly confirmed. But I'm also Mexican and while I'm content with Marco's depiction his father leaves me a little on edge bc he seems like a big joke and the accent is very exaggerated and /meant/ to be a funny thing.

And as a child of immigrants who have VERY heavy accents it does admittedly leave me a little :/ because you know the accent is meant to be funny and to be laughed at so that’s my little beef with the show from a latinx’s view point. 

Ah okay I see it now

I feel like poc of different races should come together and just make a show with different characters like them and each has their own say on that character as far as representation goes.

I feel like that would be cool af and interesting