Can we talk about Tica?

Tica being amazed that someone her age defeated the Ahuizotl and developing a crush on him as a result.

Tica realizing that defeating the Ahuizotl doesn’t magically give everyone their eyes back and that several people in the village, including her father, are blind.

Tica taking a page out of Zak’s book and training herself as a warrior, especially as one who can fight without relying on sight.

Tica becoming fascinated with myths and legends, because any one of them could be true.

Tica meeting Zak again later and joining his group of friends and being rather flustered because he is even more attractive now and the old crush resurfaces.

Tica bonding with Wadi because they’re surrounded by boys and they become kickass friends and make fun of the guys and go explore ancient temples/rob people together.

Tica challenging Ulraj to blindfolded fights and keeping a tally of who wins.

Tica teasing Vlad for the fact that anybody in the group could easily kick his ass, then trying to help him learn to fight, even though he’s terrible.

Tica being told that Zak is Kur and what that means, only for her to shake her head and tell him that it doesn’t matter, because she’s seen what he uses his power for and it‘s not evil.

Tica switching to Spanish when she gets angry and not realizing until someone points it out, then shrugging it off and continuing to yell in Spanish.



i see there are a lot of armys who are cursing mexican armys, generalizing and saying that ALL are “a bunch of animals” or “disrespectful”. yes i know and i think that what happened on the airport wasn’t right but calm down. You can’t generalize saying that mexican armys are disgusting because, god, they aren’t. THOSE girls who were on the airport, THOSE girls who made all that shit on airport were wrong, not all the mexican armys. Stop saying this kind of stuff. Yeah you can get mad, but please watch out, don’t generalize
This Instagram Project is Giving a Voice to the "Blaxican" Experience
The project reminds us how much work there is yet to do to expand the ways we think about race, ethnicity and identity in the Latino community.

This project on Instagram finally acknowledges what people in Los Angeles already know (but that Egyptian river in Aztlan called “Da’ Nile” obscures).  The link above takes you to the 411 on Remezcla and the one below goes directly to the Instagram page.