June 9 One Of The Best Days!! :‘3 We Saw Paul, Neil, Morgan,They Film us for This Is Us, We Saw One Direction!!! But the most important thing is that I was With My DIRECTIONER FRIENDS! :'3 (Just missing one) And I don’t care about the time we were waiting for this, all the fights on twitter for the tickets, The days we spent making the shirts and the Signs, How many hours we waited outside, all the pushes, how we end all in different places, the thirst, the hunger, the sun Even Some The rain! And everything was worth it 'cause WE MADE IT!!! And meet new friends! :) And keep the faiths on guys 'cause we’ll meet them soon! I’m sure! Love ya! <3 #onedirection #onedirectioninmexico #takemehometourmexico #June92013 #ForoSol #mexicandirectioners #Friends #concert (en Foro Sol)