Hey Latino tumblr! I need your help! 

I am working on a story about two young latina girls who investigate latino folklore monsters! This is a concept drawing of one of the girls and of La Mano Peluda, The Hairy Hand. Eventually I want to pitch this idea to studios to be made into a cartoon series. 

I would love to hear stories that you grew up listening too! About La Llorona, El Cucuy or La Chupacabra, or ghost stories! I always loved hearing these stories from my friends and family growing up that it’s a huge factor of who I am and what Im inspired by. I know I haven’t heard all of them, so I know the best way to hear them is from you personally! I want to make them into my series! Send me your stories that your abuela told you of monsters or personal encounters with Latino folklore. Send them to me here! I will be creating an anthology that these girls will be having adventures with! Thank you!!