shout out to all the non-americans:

thank you for reblogging and posting stuff about voting.

thank you for encouraging people to vote.

thank you for all the support you could give us, even from where you live.

thank you for showing that you cared about our future, our safety, and us.

thank you.

Got a request on Instagram to draw something sugar skull related and decided to draw something from Veruca’s past! here’s V and her dad and sister getting ready for a parade! I had a lot of fun with the colors * o *  also made a YouTube Video of me drawing it  


He was my first crush.


I know too well how it feels to have your soul split in half

Living on the American side

It does not mean that the struggle has sufficed

We cross the Rio for the hopes of a better life

We break our tongue in half

While all the white kids tell us we sound bad

Our existence is the constant fight of preservation and assimilation

All because I have embraced immigration

Translations have married me

Authenticity has divorced me

I am too white there,

I am too brown here

I am too Mexican here,

I am too American there

At times, I am could not helped to feel shameful

Seeing everyone mock my culture is painful

But, my parents back never failed to break apart

All because they think we can have a better start

I am not only their translator

I am their protector

I am anything they need me to be when there is no translation

And from that, Hispanic kids never take a vacation

I am not from here, nor from there

Mexican-American is the label I wear

-Eva Perez, 9/6/2016

Tweaker tip!! Flavored clouds.
So a friend of mine past her knowledge to me and I want to share this simple trick.
The reason for the picture is that inside the filter of those kind of cigarettes you can find a little essence ball, in my country lucky strike is the brand with the most variety of flavors.
You’ll have cut inside your filter to reach for the ball, take it out and put it inside your pipes stem and press it untill it pops, I recomend this BEFORE your dope’s in the bowl, so spread the liquid around the tube and try to cover like an inch from the tip to the bowl so it doesn’t gets hot. This wont affect your dope and flavors like cherry are worth it. Each ball will last depending on how intense you want to taste it.
Share your thoughts, improves or whatever you want to say fellow tweakers.
(Créditos de la foto a su autor)


These are the videos that just fell short of being on my top 15 list. They’re great and all classic, but just couldn’t be on the list for whatever reason.

This guy really prefers a Mac.

Still maybe the best ending to any video, ever.

We found this back when YouTube had a “Most Recently Uploaded” feature and I can’t tell you why we laughed so hard at it. This is the origin of the catchphrase “Do the skit.”

A maserpiece in 14 seconds.

This dumbass polls a unanimous room and then declares it “split.” It really shouldn’t be that funny but I quote this like almost every day.

This joke-off takes a BIZARRE turn. I would have definitely put this on my list, but I felt weird including just a straight up clip of a TV show.

Turn this up and dance so hard your heart stops. Then you’ll meet God face to face and get to show him this rad video of his coolest followers.

What can be said?

Alright, that’s about it for now- come back tomorrow for THE NUMBER ONE YOUTUBE VIDEO OF ALL TIME…