Random short ramble about me and mexican-ness

Latino guys. Mexican guys in particular. I like them. I think thats one of the small things in common I have with all my whole mexican family, the liking of the mexican men. I for reals, we were at this taco place the other day and the damn cashier jus oh my god. I asked for an extra plate and he handed it to me and smiled and I almost dropped it from his mexican beauty. ugh. 

other things that show my taste in my mexican heritage, if you must know, are my obsession with mexican candy and anything tamarindo, my other obsession with pico de gallo, my love for selena quintanilla and the fact that most of the time I forget what a pepino (cucumbers) is called in english because I learned it in in spanish first. don’t even get me started on pepinos con chile y limon. unf.