Several gunmen burst into the home of a newly elected Mexican mayor and shot her dead on Saturday, just hours into her tenure, police said. Gisela Mota, 33, a left-of-center former member of Congress, was gunned down barely 24 hours after taking her oath of office in the city of Temixco.

Temixco is plagued by organized crime and rampant drug trafficking problems the slain mayor had vowed to help clean up. The government of central Morelos state said that two of the suspected gunmen had been killed and one was in custody. State Governor Graco Ramirez pledged there would be “no impunity.”

Morelos has been one of the Mexican states most affected by drug violence plaguing the country, including kidnappings and murders. More than 100,000 people have been killed or gone missing in a nearly a decade of drug violence nationwide. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, who took office in December 2012, has pledged to reduce the murders, kidnappings and extortion haunting Mexicans.

Hello everyone! So this is not a happy post. Actually is a very sad one. Since yesterday the mexican goverment sent a police group to Oaxaca against a manifestation of teachers (yes, teachers) who were protesting against the new educational reform. Why are they protesting? This educational reform is actually a laboral reform: instead of improving the educational system the goverment is going to change how teachers get their jobs and the way they are paid; before this teachers were paid by work day, now they’ll be paid for the hours they give classes. We have to take in count that teaching isn’t just about giving classes: you have to check homework, prepare exams, check exams, maybe give some help to the students that need it. That’s the work and they won’t be paid for that. Besides most of the teachers that are part of this movement come from very poor places. Places were they need to pay for the material for students because the goverment won’t do it. Kids have to walk for hours to go to school. Teachers sometimes have to buy notebooks, pencils, books, uniforms. Before this educational reform, the goverment gave children textbooks for free. Now they’ll have to pay for it. Teachers are fighting for their rights as workers and for children’s right to have a free good-leveled education.
But the worst part is that since yesterday, mexican goverment has KILLED teachers. At least six of them were killed. And the goverment keeps saying the police is disarmed and that the people in Oaxaca asked them to shot at the teachers.
This isn’t in the news. A lot of people has no idea of what is going on in here. The world needs to be informed. Sometimes I saw images of war in Siria, the terrorism in Paris and I was horrorized but glad it didn’t happen here. But it does. In september 26th 2014, 43 students were disappeared by the drug trafficking and the goverment. There’s no information about what happened to them yet. Mexico is the 2nd place of feminicides in the world. Mexico lives a high level of violence.
Please spread this information. If you can, read a bit about what’s happening right now. Please help us by being informed. Thank you guys, so much.