Okay but imagine a Mexican American frog

timidly asking bitty if he can use his kitchen and making enchiladas y arroz rojo bc he misses homemade food and while the pies bitty makes are good they don’t compare to mamá’s food

the rest of the Haus comes down when they smell the spices in the air and they’re like what is this and the frog smiles kinda wistfully and says a piece of home

Chowder bounds down the stairs and looks at the frog like he’s hung to the moon bc Chowder’s from California and it’s been so so long since he’s had good Mexican food

the boys get used to the frog coming over at odd times and making food bc sometimes it’s hard to be away from his family and culture and when he cooks they don’t seem to be so far away

the frog bonding with bitty over food and introducing him to Spanish music bc bitty likes anything with a good beat


Just a Mexican American frog

Spicy Rice

Rice cooked in Salsa with chunks of Sundried Tomatoes, Onion, Spinach, Avocado and Vegan Chorizo. 

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idk if anyone has thought of this yet but please imagine that one day Gabriel wanted to do a nice thing for Jack so he made him lunch but Jack couldn’t handle it because it’s TOO SPICY FOR HIM