mexican youth

I am a Chicana.

As a kid I’d say
“I don’t know Spanish, I’m not Mexican”.
My youthful ignorance,
shaped by our Anglo society,
taught me to hate my skin,
my hair,
my name.
But I am a Chicana.
Although my ethnicities are mixed,
my roots are indigenous.
And I am a Chicana.
A part of a movement,
where we speak for those unsure how to express themselves.
For I am a Chicana.
My pride will never be shut down.

Can white people stop asking 2nd-3rd generation Latinxs why we don’t speak Spanish?? Like??? Our culture was taken from us! Our parents/grandparents were forced to assimilate into white America. They lost so much of their culture and were not taught the language!!!

Let's talk some fútbol, cabrón.
So here’s my deal with Mexico. Before anyone gets mistaken, I’m a proud USMNT fan. I go pretty hardcore with my team. But I’m also a rationalized person. I call it how I see it. I’m a respectful fan, and not a hater. 
Mexico vs. USA is my favorite rivalry of all time. There’s so much emotions going into the game. Mexico wants to prove that they’re the kings of CONCACAF, and USA wants to prove that they got what it takes to beat them. We’re like brothers, if you may, always trying to outshine the other. And of course, you can’t help but compare yourself to them. 
I’ve been keeping an eye on Mexico for a while now, and I’m ridiculously impressed by their team as a whole. I fear that they’ll be entering their Golden Age soon. Last summer they killed almost every tournament. They were crowned Gold Cup champs. Their Sub-17 won the World Cup and their Sub-20 came in third. The only competition they didn’t do well was Copa America.  But that’s only because they were restricted to play their Sub-23 team.
Know what? *bites my tounge* I admire Mexico. But at the same time I hate them. I admire their style of play, they’re quick, entertaining, risk-takers, they’re youth are killing it, and they have a system working so well for them. There senior team were in a 13-game winning streak, winning all of their games both home and away. (Mexico, USA, Europe). This is everything the US entirely lacks. And that’s why I hate them. As they’re improving drastically, we’re still stuck behind trying to climb over that wall.
Dos Santos, Barrera, Guardado, Aquino, Moreno, Fabian. Mexico has a killer offense right now. Fabulous playmakers and classic strikers. 
I was checking out some of their previous games, and I noticed something. Luckily for the US their only weakness seems to be their defense. I went to ask a Mexican friend of mine, “Do Mexico even have a solid defense? We don’t really get to see them because of their midfielders great work of pushing forward.”
In response he told me: “Our best defense is our midfield and our offense. We rely heavily on keeping the other team pinned on their own half in most games. Our D is known for its mistakes and terrible set piece defense.”
And I see it. That’s the only way the US can score goals on Mexico. Take for instance, Michael Bradleys goal in the Gold Cup Final, that was off a corner kick. And once Landon was able to infiltrate Mexicos defense, he was let out loose. 
Mexico have a bright future ahead of them. I’ve seen their youth, and boy what a talented group. Fierro (my personal favorite), Espericueta, Gomez, Bueno, Casillas. They have a wide selection of youth.

Now that brings me back to our beloved USMNT. Don’t get me wrong, we’re improving as well, but not as much as I’d like to. I know these things take time. But are we ready for Brazil 2014 World Cup? Are we capable of top 8? These things don’t happen in three years. If we want to be like Germany (just an example), we need to construct from the bottom up. First attack the youth, because they’re the next generation. I want our own style of play. I want the full 90 minutes to be beautiful football. Brazil has Joga Bonito. Holland has Total Football. Spain has Tiki Taka. What will the US have?