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I don’t talk about it a lot, but I have a bone-deep, uber-intense love affair with beans. Black beans in particular. Though I’ll take a bean in many forms, black beans Mexican style are a particularly keen obsession. Once, when I confessed to my friend Kira that I haven’t ever gotten sick of eating beans, she asked if I’d ever really tried. Touché, I said, and proceeded to eat beans almost every night for the next two weeks straight. I never got sick of them. Perhaps I’m Blood Type B(ean)?

The thing is, I find beans to be the perfect food. Musical fruit jokes aside, they’re fiber- and protein-rich, filling, creamy, and feel decadent even when they’re simple. Paired with all my favorite burrito toppings and wrapped up in a Flatout whole grain wrap? BEAN SWOON.

These wraps feature black beans my favorite way: Spiced with chipotle, cumin, and garlic, and paired with creamy chèvre goat cheese. I threw in some crispy cumin shallots fried up in olive oil, fresh avocado, bright cilantro, spicy crema, and jalapeños for an optional extra kick.

Read more and get the recipe here.

Auston Matthews - Tamales

*Side note Auston’s Momma is beautiful!* 

Can u do one with auston Matthews maybe where you’re Mexican too and you know how to speak Spanish and you cook him food (like Mexican food like menudo or chorizo con papas or tamales or something) and you and his mom get along really well (It’s okay if Like your busy I understand)

Author’s Note: I love this one! When I saw it I got super happy. My babysitter growing up spoke no English, so she taught me more about my roots then anyone. And every Friday the neighborhood made all different Mexican dishes for us to eat.  I do warn you that my Spanish is very rust. So I might get something wrong. Although I did suck at learning it too. - Julianne

You had just got done making the Masa when you got a call from Auston.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” You asked starting to make the filling for your Tamales.

“Nothing much. I was wondering if I could come over.” He asked sounding unsure of his words.

“Of course! The doors unlock so let yourself in my hands are a little messy.” You said while grabbing your pot and steam.

“Okay see you in a few. Love you.” He said

“Love you too.” You said hanging up.

You had just got done making the filling for the Tamales when Auston came in.

“Hey babe….are you…are you making Tamales?” Auston said as you turned around to face him.

I am…oh who this?” You said pointing your elbow to the lady standing next to Auston’s side.

“Y/N this is my mom Ema, Mom this is my girlfriend Y/N.” Auston said giving you a smile.

“Oh Dios Mio” You said looking shock. “ it’s…it’s so nice to meet you finally I just wish someone gave me a heads up first.” You said looking at Auston.

“It’s wonderful to finally meet you.” She said pulling you in for a hug. “Son estos tamales?” She asked. “I love Tamales.”

“I do to. I haven’t made them in so long, so I thought tonight was a good time.” You said rolling the tamale up in a corn husk.

“Do you mind if I help?” Ema said putting her purse down.

“Of course not!” You said smiling.

Auston stood in the doorway watching you and his mom. The smile on both of your faces were priceless. He took his phone out and snapped a picture to post on Instagram. “Bonding over Tamales!” He wrote. After it was posted his placed his phone back in his pocket and walked over to you and his mom.

“How did I not know my girlfriend was Mexican?” He said wrapping his arms around your back side.

“You never asked.” You laughed placing another tamale in the streamer.

“Mom or dad?” he said pulling away.

“Dad, but I learned it all from my grandma since my dad wasn’t around. She use to make fresh tortilla’s every morning. I remember loving the smell so much I asked her to teach me some dishes.” You said placing the last tamale in the streamer.

“Your grandma sounds like a wonderful lady.” Ema said as she washed her hands.

After dinner you and Ema cleaned up while Auston watched the hockey game.

“I have to say I’m happy Auston found such a wonderful girl like you. Plus now he can have tamales whenever.” SHe laughed handing you the clean dish.

“Thank you for raising such a wonderful man.” You said back smiling.

“Next time we are making menudo.” She said smiling.

“Oh yes! I haven’t had that in years.” You said laughing.


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hey buddy could you do a toast/sandwitch roundup? no burgers or big stuff, sorta the kind of thing for a snack!

I’m not exactly sure what you’re looking for so I’m just going to go ahead and give you recipes to all of the sandwich/wrap/burger recipes I’ve posted before because then it’ll be helpful for others in the future. Let me know if there’s something in particular you’d like posted. Enjoy!

round ups:

breakfast sandwiches:

grilled cheese sandwiches:

other savory sandwiches:


burgers/hot dogs:

dessert sandwiches: