mexican werewolves

Crossing Paths - Chapter 1

Authours: @joeynihil & @thetruequeenofmermaids
Word count: 1655
Warnings: Mildly mentions of death.
A/N: So this is the first chapter of the collaboration between me and my darling @thetruequeenofmermaids. We’ve worked really hard for you to like it, so I hope you do. 

Enjoy your reading! 

When Scott arrived to School today, he thought I would be just an usual day, with his regular classes and early lacrosse practice, but when he arrived to school-ground, he got a call from someone he had not expected.

”Chris?” Scott answered with confusion. Chris sounded stressed as he spoke. ”Scott, we need your help. Here in Mexico.” Scott frowned and walked through the entrance.

”’We’? Who do you mean when you say ’we’?” Scott asked as he walked towards his locker. ”We as in myself and the Calaveras.” Chris started.

”Do you remember the pack the Calaveras told you about? That time when we saved Derek from Kate?” Chris asked as Scott immediately started to think back about that time.

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Marvellous Women of Color // María Aracely Penalba (Hummingbird

“You can call me Aracely! I don’t know who I am or how I got my powers but I was attacked by a fire salamander and Mexican werewolves, who work for The Coyote, who speaks to me in my dreams!”