mexican street style

“Mexican United.”

Shot by me.
Instagram @DGS.FOTOS

Mexican Independence Day parade in Hammond, Indiana.

Reblog please. Im starting to use this tumblr for my photography. I want the word to see my art. Thank you.

“Lowriders express the refusal of a young Chicano American to be Anglicized (white washed). There has never been a clearer case of the automobile being used as an ethnic statement. The lowrider idea grew in the ‘60s and early '70s and linked itself to the emerging Chicano civil rights movement.” So happy my dad has and always will be apart of something so important to Chicano street culture.


Purple x Yellow 

From Karen: Ask anyone and they’ll tell you how much I love wearing purple! This was really a yin and yang esque shoot for us. We wanted to celebrate our differences and still look fresh AF! This skirt was a come up from Urban Outfitters’ sidewalk sale and I got the top there too. You can’t really see the earrings or the makeup in this shot but everything had a hint of purple in it. 

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