mexican skeleton art

Got a request on Instagram to draw something sugar skull related and decided to draw something from Veruca’s past! here’s V and her dad and sister getting ready for a parade! I had a lot of fun with the colors * o *  also made a YouTube Video of me drawing it  

I originally started this as a sort of pseudo-wedding gift for my best friend, but I put it aside because I had a lot of other things going on at the time. BUT I GUESS IT’S AARON’S BIRTHDAY, so I took a few hours to put this together. Based lightly off of the mariachi band that had played at their wedding.

I like the guy on the far left. He looks like he’s just happy to be there.

This skeleton isn’t for Halloween- it’s for Day of the Dead! This nicho, or niche, pokes fun at the old saying “there’s a skeleton in every closet” (un esqueleto en cada ropero). It was created by a small studio in central Mexico operated by husband and wife team Jose Antonio Madrazo and Anke de Madrazo, who combine traditional tin nichos found in Mexican homes with found objects, bright colors, and the wry humor often reflected in Day of the Dead art.

SCORPIO Positive traits
* Self-critical
* Penetrating
* Investigative
* Passionately caring
* Protective
* Tenacious
* Magnetic
* Dynamic
* Probing
* Emotional
* Sensual
* Compassionate
* Concerned
* Unshockable
* Intense concentration
* Understands failings

* Self-destructive
* Ruthless
* Overbearing
* Suspicious
* Jealous
* Possessive
* Dangerous
* Quick-tempered
* Obsinate
* Moody
* Sadistic
* Insulting
* Secretive
* Intolerant
* Cunning
* Vindictive