mexican redhead


Despite my appearance this girl’s got Mexican blood in her veins. My family is Mexican, however, I will admit that they are very watershed, so I didn’t receive the traditional Mexican upbringing that completely embraces their heritage. My family has been in Southern California for generations, and out of necessity had to learn to assimilate into American culture. They saw their culture as the enemy as being “Mexican” was looked down upon as it, unfortunately, still is today. My great grandmother decided to speak mostly English in their home, and her kids taught only English in their homes, so as a result my cousins and I now have to learn Spanish from a classroom at school. It’s unfortunate that the mostly white population of America still requires anyone of another race to adopt their habits and lifestyle choices in order to treat them with respect, and still sometimes even that isn’t enough. I know many will think I have no place to talk because I do not “carry the burden” of appearing latinx, and I will not argue that because I recognize that I am privileged to be seen as acceptable in a white-minded country. However, this does not discount the fact that I am proud to be of Mexican heritage, and I am proud to have had the strong familial structure and values that most Mexican families do–without this I definitely would not be the same person I am today and for that I am grateful. Happy #mirameday for ALL latinxs no matter shape, size, heritage, or skin color.