mexican rats

pekoodat replied to your post “anyway who wants to make a gay dog commune in the pacific northwest…”

I’ll bring my future dozen Drentsche Patrijshond they’ll fit right in!

spacelulu replied to your post “anyway who wants to make a gay dog commune in the pacific northwest…”

YAAAA. can my rat terrier mexican lookalike be friends with yours plz


im amazed at the amount of support this is getting LET’S DO THIS

Servien Personitude (closed)

Though widely accepted and protected by law, Centaurs, Satyrs, Naga and Mermaids are still a focal point of fascination to their human companions. Not fully human, some more monstrous and fantastical than anything merely animal, these four global tribes have fought hard for their right to live, breed and populate cities and homes as humans have themselves. 

Each region of the world influenced the animals as it did the tribes; Northern colonies had more heavily furred, stronger and fiercer species of beasts. The centaurs wore heavy coats and trudged the ice and snow while certain species of mermaid who can survive the glacial cold and hunt the seals and penguins thrive. 

In the south and the americas, Naga tend to thrive and create sub-terranian caverns for cities while the nomadic Criollo Centaurs continued the native tradition and heralded mobile homes to hunt the plains. Some beasties, like any human with curiosity and a desire to understand, have found methods in order to thrive among people and their spanned concrete cities. 

Though Satyrs and Centaurs could simply adopt garments, establish horse shoes for comfort and adapt human structures for their sleeping needs and living styles, Nagas and Mermaids were left in poorer situations. Mermaids for the obvious reasons of the dependance on water and the majority suffered many abusive relationships where they were sectioned off from the world and kept as trophies, Nagas tended to be the strange in between from them all. 

Some had the perfect human torso that led into a serpentine body, while others only had the humanoid shape with a serpent’s head in order to feed. The main issue tended to be that Nagas demand a lot more space, food and privacy than a normal, functional human could ever desire, and building habitats for Nagas was triply pricey then building a simple apartment unit for humans. 

A compromise was made to build units on the outskirts of cities that acted more like hotels and resting areas than actual homes, which suited the Servien people just fine. One such habitat was built near a small town in the middle of corn fields, and one such Mexican black rat snake found himself with a bit of a problem. His treasured camera had been broken from some brutes who still held poor ethical choices regarding other species. 

He decided to travel into the human town nearby, hoping to get it repaired. He was a little tired and worn from slithering down along the rougher concrete, dirtying the scales he’d long spent buffing up but… Lewis was more concerned about his precious commodity than that. He’d shed his scales later if he needed too. Eventually, he happened upon a shop that seemed to be a good place to start. 

Approaching the front, Lewis curled his tail about him and entered the open glass doors, peering in and trying to hear people around the loud radio. He parted his mouth, breathing in to see if he could taste someone and there it was, a younger man. Almost his age.

“Hello?” he calls softly, trying to spot the young man he scented.