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Opinion | Margarita Zavala: Will Americans let Trump destroy U.S.-Mexico relations?
Frankly, the United States is fortunate to have Mexico as a neighbor and partner.

Almost two months into the Trump Administration, the United States has a choice. Does it want to continue a strong partnership with Mexico? Or will it throw away years of a successful, peaceful, and mutually beneficial relationship due to the ignorance of its President? Normally this would not even be a question. But these are not normal times. When the American President can undo with a tweet what has taken us decades to build, Mexicans have to wonder whether the United States is a reliable partner and what the future of our relationship will look like.

President Trump insists on framing U.S.-Mexico relations in simplistic and disrespectful terms. In his view, it is a zero-sum game, with Mexicans “taking advantage” of their northern neighbors…Frankly, the United States is fortunate to have Mexico as a neighbor and partner. We are a peaceful, democratic, cooperative country with one of the largest economies in the world. We are eternally bound together by geography, by trade, by family, by culture, and by affinity.

We collaborate with the U.S. on everything from commerce to combating drug trafficking to the environment to counterterrorism. Just a few examples: Mexican engineers in Querétaro design jet engines for General Electric that are then built by workers in Ohio. Mexican officials helped thwart a plot by Iranian agents to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States. The largest attendance for an NFL game ever was in Mexico (Cowboys vs. Oilers), home to 23 million NFL fans, myself included. Nearly 2 million U.S. citizens live in Mexico (the largest community of U.S. expats in the world). We work together in every area imaginable, and we are both the richer for it.

The U.S. and Mexican economies are complementary. We do not compete with each other; we make each other more competitive in the global market. Mexico is the second-largest destination for U.S. exports and the single largest destination for exports from California, Arizona, and Texas. We buy more American goods than Japan, Germany, and the U.K. do combined. Fourteen million Mexican tourists came to the United States in 2015 and spent around $10 billion…Our bilateral partnership is not predicated on one side losing and the other side winning: Our economies are so integrated that each is weaker without the other.

Most Americans know that Mexican immigrants are not violent criminals. They know that they are brave and hard-working and make enormous contributions to the U.S. economy…Mexicans know that our differences are not with the American people, but with an American President who began his campaign with racist attacks against Mexican immigrants, whose cruel policies have entire communities living in fear, and who seems intent on making an enemy out of a friend.

I have met U.S. Presidents from both political parties, and I know that the American dream has much in common with the Mexican one. Mexicans believe in the strength of the family, the dignity conferred by hard work, and the worth inherent in every human being. Mexico would much rather be a partner to the United States than an adversary. We would rather tend bridges than build walls. But our alliance must be based on mutual respect. We will not accept a relationship based on threats and insults, contempt for our country, and cruelty toward our citizens. The United States is more prosperous, more secure, and more competitive for having Mexico as its partner. It is up to the United States to decide whether it wants to continue a strong partnership, or whether it will let one bad hombre destroy it.

Washington Post editorial by Margarita Zavala, a former Mexican congresswoman, former First Lady of Mexico, and the leading contender for the 2018 Mexican Presidential election.

Dear Donald Trump

Dear Donald J. Trump
I don’t like you and I never have, but now has come the time when I must forget about that. You are about to control this country for the next 4 years and that scares me. I just have a few requests.

- Please don’t let men think that they can take advantage of me because of my gender or the way I dress.
- Please don’t discredit the value of my race or the issues of people that don’t look like you.
- Please don’t let women think that they are worthless outside of their looks.
- Please don’t let my LGBTQ+ friends suffer and hide for another 4 years.
- Please don’t let fathers and mothers be scared to send their children into a world where guns are given to whomever wants them.
- Please don’t tell me that I’m different from my white friends.
- Please don’t assume that all immigrants are vile and disgusting when this country was built on the strong backs of our immigrant ancestors.
- Please don’t let me fear walking down the street.
- Please don’t push away people who have fought so hard to find refuge in our great nation.
- Please don’t tear us, as americans, away from the rest of the world.
- I beg you, do not let our promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness die.
- Please don’t let me hate being american.
- Please don’t make America great again. Just make it great.


A group of brujas (witches) in New York just hexed the hell out of trump. Here’s the video. 


“Don’t give up, I won’t give up, I got stamina”

@people of the LGBT community in America, please stay strong. I know you’re scared of what’s to come in the future, I know you feel lost and hopeless and as someone who comes from Asia there’s nothing I could do about this situation but I give you all my prayers. Please, please, PLEASE be safe, don’t hurt yourselves, you matter to this world as much as everyone else. 

No matter who you are know that I think you’re a beautiful human being who deserves the best in life. So please stay safe for your sake and the sake of others in your community.


Seriously my fellow tumblarians who are old enough to vote, we MUST vote during the elections and we can really make a difference. Please don’t let someone like Donald Trump win and follow in the awful footsteps he plans to follow. We have to unite as the youth and young adults of America because we are going to be the ones living with all of these choices far longer than those older than us. We need to vote. Our say matters most because our generation will be the next president, it will be the next senate, the next majority. We have to start making a difference now. If we stay in the shadows and let someone like Donald Trump win, then we will never see a great America again.

Guys come on. We have to make a difference and that starts now.

ok so i’ve literally been waiting all election for someone to start this dialogue, but then no one did and we’re literally electing a president in two days and is no one going to talk about how trump literally stole his campaign centerpiece from lucille bluth?!! like trump’s entire campaign is based on the fourth season of arrested development!??!

melania stole her speech from michelle, but trump legitimately stole actual campaign ideas from the satirical caricature of a wealthy white bigot and no one capitalized on it?!