mexican pillows

I’m going on a rant about this picture because tbh I love it, hands down my favourite picture I’ve ever taken.. Weird huh? It’s a little blurry in some parts and nothing’s really crazy or exiting but if you were to guess how long it took me to take this one picture you’d be wrong.. 1 hour, it’s took me one full hour to take this picture I made sure a Mexican blanket was in it (if you don’t know me I love Mexican blankets) my favourite pillow, I’m sitting on my bed which is my favourite place to be, the red light placed behind me is a warm colour but the colours around me are cold and dark representing the mood I’m trying to capture that even though people get sad (the dark cold) there will be happiness (warmth) in the middle, and that’s why this is my favourite picture I’ve ever taken because even though it’s not great or super but it has a story that only I knew up until now that I am sharing this with all of whom are reading, I hope this teaches anyone who sees this to slow life down and look a little deeper think and little longer and to stay young and not all caught up in the fast growing world, make it your own and stick to it. Find your inner warmth