mexican mouse

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Trump has some crazy supporters like Mike Cernovich, Milo, that guy who draws children's propaganda of Trump as a Rabbit (and of course Mexicans as mouses), Steven Crowder, and Paul Joseph Watson. I mean they basically are sitcom characters but they just keep going back to Trump is an arrogant buffoon who is dumb.

Milo isn’t that funny to mock cause the guy wants attention

children’s book weirdo idk shit about, but he’s pretty much in the same category as those Clintonites that make children’s books out of one of the most corrupt politicians of our era

Cernovitch is a delusional weirdo that’s almost certainly either dying from an untreated STD, his bizarre GORILLA MIND drugs, or both but absolutely glorious to behold in all his ill fitting clothes and lisping voice glory

PJW/PrisonPlanet is pretty much your stock shut in, and Crowder is amazing cause I swear him and Gavin McInnes are in a race with each other to see who will suck cock on livestream to Own Islam first