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TMNT Human AU Headcanons

~Master Splinter adopted four children after moving to America after the death of his wife and daughter. 
~He adopted Leo first, then Raph, Donnie, and finally Mikey. 
~Leo was actually the son of Master Splinter’s friends who had also been killed by Shredder. 
~Leo is full-blooded Japanese. 
~Raph was the son of a single mother who couldn’t take care of him anymore. 
~Raph is a mix of African American, Puerto Rican, and Native American.
~Donnie was the son of two very kind, but poor, people who could not afford to take care of him.
~Donnie is half-Italian and half-Egyptian
~Mikey was left on Master Splinter’s doorstep, with no other information. 
~Nobody really knows Mikey’s ethnicity, but his brothers guess that he is half-Mexican and half-Indian
~Splinter owns a bakery that sells baked goods and such.
~On top of the bakery is a small apartment for the brothers to live in.
~Splinter still teaches them ninjutsu.
~There is an antique store next door to the bakery.
~April runs it, and is the first person to personally welcome Splinter and the brothers into the neighborhood.
~A customer named Casey Jones comes in after hockey practice for a coffee and to flirt with both Raph and April.   
~Mikey bakes the treats. 
~Leo works the cashier.
~Raph makes the signs and poster to advertise the bakery. 
~Donnie is a waiter. 

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You know it really warms my heart that a wlw ship between a Mexican heroine and an Indian heroine is the most popular ship in the fandom. Trimberly means a lot to me not just on the surface of it being a ship between two girls who support each other, but because it’s interracial. Rarely, if ever, have I seen an interracial wlw ship (besides Korrasami) receive so much love and support from a fanbase. And it makes me so happy seeing myself, a wlw Mexican girl, represented in Trini both in terms of us being unapologetically Latina and being wlw. This is really important and it breaks my heart that a movie franchise with so much potential flopped and there’s a higher chance we will not get a sequel even though we deserve one. Please support the movie in any way you can. The cast is so wonderful and the movie was executed amazingly, I really want to see the other sequels this movie rightfully deserves. I want to see these kids grow and and discover more about themselves. I want to hear Trini say she’s bi, or pan, or lesbian. Or hell, even just saying “wlw.” I want to hear what Trini’s last name is in this incarnation of the series. I want to know more about Jason and Kim and Zack. I want more to be done with Billy. I wanted to see if they’d try their hardest to get a Native American actor to play Tommy Oliver, or even if they managed to let Tommy be a girl in this incarnation. I wanted so much with this series and I really really hope we get to see it thrive because if it flops for good and it doesn’t get those sequels and love it deserves I don’t think I could go on being the same person. This was the movie tumblr always preached about. So why is it that a highly diverse movie with 4/5 leads of color, a black autistic hero, a wlw Latina hero, a cast who act like real kids and who have consequences for their actions, whose acting was phenomenal and felt real, who were given equal treatment the entire course of the movie, who have the set up for amazing representation in the future if we do get those movies, flopped? Please support power rangers. It was so good and deserved so much more than what it’s been given.

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ღ trimberly ღ

swho’s the first to wake up in the morning:

trini prbly bc she’s used to doing yoga p early in th quarry

who’s the one to make breakfast:

they both give it a shot but they’re not tht great of cooks unless they make dishes thtre common in their houses but they dnt always make real easy breakfast foods so they usually opt for bagels n jus stuf that doesn’t take too much to make

who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed:

both!! they do it equally evn though iss literally jus lyk a pile of whippd cream and a half eaten waffle,, yet still every time trini gets Emotional cos she’s emo n iss still lyk ??i can’t believe a girl????lyks me???

who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work:

ths one is definitely kim and trini iss a gay mess n although she tries to establish tht they hav thngs to do, she jus caves whn kim kisses her nck n asks her to stay a while

who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day:

trini actually, usually aftr their notsoquickies she’s got lotsa hickies n iss just lyk ‘??? u do realize i will get expelled if zack or jason tries to tease me abt these bc i will yeet thm into space??’ but they still go aftr a few yt tutorials on how to covr up hickies that fail n she jus wears a hoodie n tries to covr it w that n her hair

who chooses the movies:

trini bc although she recently came out she’d alwys knwn abt all th gay movies n shows n lyks shwng thm to kim who has already seen thm lyk 383789 times but dsn’t tell trini bc iss jus so cute to wtch her get excited abt thm

who initiates kissing during the movie, thus distracting the other from the movie all together:

kim bc agn she’s seen thm all a billion times n gets jus a little bored n jus ends up straddling her whn trini dsn’t get th hnt tht she’d mch rthr b doing smthn else; needless to say trini p much implodes whn kim does so

who orders lunch:

both abt equally cos they usually try n show each othr restaurants tht serve food more traditionally mexican and indian, respectively; and order each othr th foods they thmslves grew up liking or making, both love learning abt each othrs cultures 

who steals food from the other’s plate without asking:

kim prbly, n trini’s lyk ‘ you ordered us th same thng why are u stealng ?? ‘ n kim’s jus lyk ‘ yyya?? but it looks bettr on yr plate sso ://///’

who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy:

trini, she’s v small and sleeps a lot n kim finds it exceedingly adorable, n always snps th boyz pics w th caption ‘she cute she cute’ n is met with billy n jason snapping her pics back of each othr n zack snapping pics of his hand all w th same caption kim sent 

who distracts the other from trying to work at home:

kim prbly cos she gets all her work done p easy at home and whn trini doesn’t text back she snaps more…suggestive pics n whn trini finally checks her phone iss jus,… miss trini?? miss trini??? oh my fuckfinf god she fuckfinf dead

who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old:

i’m gnna cheat a lil here and say iss one of trini’s brthrs while kim’s ovr n trini thnks kim will take it w a grain of salt but instead she’s lyk okay let’s go, i’m getting us all ice cream n trini’s heart nuts 

who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream:

kim! she lyks taking pics of trini in general and iss evn cutr whn she’s trying not to let it all fall apart

who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face:

kim bc trini iss not doing a good job at making it stay tgthr and whn kim comments on it she jus goes beet red n her brthrs are lyk, “that’s not how u use th word come kimmy!! did you evn go to 2nd grade???” 

who cooks dinner:

they take turns!! bc kim has depression sometimes iss hard for her to work herslf up to b able to do thngs lyk tht n trini picks up on it and cooks for thm n sometimes trini has issues with her family or in general jus has hiccups in her own mental health and in tht case kim cooks

who cleans up the kitchen afterwards:

agn they take turns, sso it depends on their moods

who stays up until 2 reading:

trini!! she’s vvv new to th sapphic community but she’s rlly On Top Of th Game w lgbt shows n reads fanfics of f/f ships till th sun rises 

who stares at their partner while they’re sleeping:

kim, cos she jus thnks tht she’s sso lucky tht she was able to change aftr fkcing up and evrything she did n said and that now she’s able to be w trini n jus enjoy her company

who kisses their partner while they sleep:

trini, n kim picks up on it one day whn she’s not even rlly takng a depression as mch as jus a depression-laying-abt-tm n she feels trini kiss her forehead gently n just continues to pretend to b asleep

So just to be clear–GMO is a genetically modified organism. Do you guys even realize what GMO’s are every single piece of corn you have is a GMO since you’re not eating maize. Same w a shitton of wheat, like this one guy Norman Borlaug won a Nobel Prize bc he saved millions of Mexican, Indian, and Pakistsni lives by cultivating a strain of wheat that greatly increased production. Like any of L Corp’s forrays into anything to do with plants would thus conclude in a GMO. GMOs can also be flowers, trees, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Organic is a different matter but do you really think the actual person who’s probably the one engineering several GMO’s would be anti GMO Sure she’d probably be healthy. But like. Lmao lena’s an engineer people who are anti GMO probably drive her nUTS. Also may I remind you that Kara is technically a GMO if you think Lena wouldn’t eat her you’re dead wrong

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We had a sub in social studies that said he wished kids still had nice normal names like John or Mary is that racist? My class is mostly Indian and Mexican kids and the last name he said before he said that was Guadalupe

That dude is fucking racist!

Polyamory Imagine: Trimberly + Reader

Anon asked:  Hi! I really like your writing, it really makes my day when I read something new from you, and I wanted to ask, if you have time, could you maybe do some HC about Trimberly + s/o relationship? Pretty please?

Yooooou got it!

Warning: Polya relationship.

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Some POCs I guess have that mentality too lol

American parents : “omg honey the backyard is so big , so many room the kids can run around and play”

Island parents :hey yuh here me this is a garden not a play round i want me mango tree gonna go right there, Yuca and yellow yam in the corner, you run over my tree I’m gonna lashed ya.

under the cut are 400+ gifs of cassie ventura for @jhelanirps she is of filipino, mexican, african-american and unspecified west indian descent. please be aware that some gifs may be nsfw and contain flashing lights. none of these gifs were made by us and credit goes to the original makers. please like or reblog if you use. request more here.  

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What these “Go Back to Africa and Mexico” White Supremacists don’t realize is, if all of us, every single obviously black person left and every brown person that remained moved, nothing but white and fair skin remained. YOU AND THIS ECONOMY WOULD HAVE NOTHING AND WOULD SUFFER. Why? We make up the majority of your top beloved sports, black men are now in college more than they are incarcerated. Black women are among the highest in college attendance and career advancement. PLUS we have a great if not the greatest in buying power! You wouldn’t get to benefit from great films featuring Denzel Washington and Will Smith, the films that have helped drive the entertainment industry. And if we had left like you wanted us to in the 60’s you wouldn’t have Eminem or Michael Jackson, the 2 people you have cried over for years. And the immigrants you laugh at who don’t mind tending to our fields, if they left, agriculture would suffer! Black and other cultural influence has driven America and you feed off of the currency it brings. You wouldn’t even have Taco Bell, or any Mexican food you claim to love from the people you claim to hate. You wouldn’t be better off. If we leave, this nation suffers. The numbers don’t lie. Besides, this IS an immigrant nation, you’re not home either.
—  Karena Atkinson (If We Leave)