mexican immigrant


We don’t fit in a Census box, we break the mold

“Growing up Latino meant that your parents had an accent and worked three times as hard as everybody else’s parents, and you were supposed to be the great brown hope.” - John Leguizamo

See more stunning photos and GIFS showing the diversity of latinos here.


I live in Washington State, at several locations at a Fred Myers where my mother goes to receive money from Western Union she has been asked her “legal status” and where she was from. We personally are American citizens but I’m aware there are people who are not that use Western Union. My mom has used Western Union for years and only recently has been asked this question. DO NOT say your status or if need be, lie. Chances are they will flag your information. They will have your name/address which ICE can use to find you and your family.


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History will always repeat itself.

So when this stupid fucking wall is built, I hope after 4 years we all get together on both sides and tear that shit down like they did the one in Berlin and drink cervezas and dance all night atop its ruins. 

Please fire me. My boss is a homophobic sexist and racist overweight white man. Since Trump has came out with his ideas he keep trying to talk me into voting for him. I’m a Mexican with a immigrant dad and my mom’s parents were immigrants. Also one time he talked to me about his sex life and how every 20 year old wants him. GAG!