mexican high


Look at what I’ve seen in just a 7 sec vid 🐥🐰🐥🐰

the usual pattern🌼🌺

Kook’s imma-just-glance-a-little-bit

Min’s hmm-I-see-you-there-jungkookie

Kook’s oops-I-got-caught-gotta-turn-away-and-act-like-nothing-happened 😶 

Not so smooth, Kook ah~ xD

Head Over Feet - Ch 3, “Courtship by Kitten”

“You like me,” I whisper, really and truly processing this for the first time, and Peeta pulls me to him in a powerful hug. He’s warm and solid and wonderful, and I can’t help melting a little against his chest.

“Yes, Chicken Little,” he chuckles, nuzzling his cheek against my hair. “I like you. A lot. So very much. Maybe we should just stick to that for awhile,” he suggests. “I’m a little afraid you’ll run for the hills if the rest starts sinking in.”

He draws back and brushes my cheek with the hand not full of Ziploc bags. “Why don’t you go back out with your sister, little bird?” he offers tenderly. “I’ll finish up in here and –”

“Because,” I answer with all the authority of an imperious infanta, “if I go back out there I’ll have to talk to Prim about this, and I don’t even understand what’s going on. And she’s going to ask a million questions –”

“Would you rather I answer those?” he wonders, playfully waggling his brows. “Because if I do, I make no guarantee that words like adore, in love, and want her to be my girlfriend won’t make appearances.”

I seethe at him but I know he’s right. Ever since he kissed me last night, he hasn’t been able to stop saying the most ridiculously sweet things to me, and Prim would gobble up every last morsel like a greedy piranha. At least if I talk to her first I can buffer things a bit, like I did last night with the chickens and the bismark.

“Okay,” I grumble, and he grins.

“I’ll make all of this up to you,” he says, giving my hand a reassuring squeeze. “Oh Katniss, you have no idea how much I’m looking forward to making things up to you.”

For some reason this makes me blush furiously, and in a fashion that makes no promise of fading anytime soon.

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I posted this about a month ago but never linked it here, so just in case anyone missed it, here’s some fluffy high school!Everlark. Posted on AO3.

ID #46073

Name: Tammy
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hi! My name’s Tammy and I’m 17 years old^ and in 11th grade about to be in 12 grade. I haven’t filled an about me thing in a while so bear with me since Im rusty. Im a Mexican American but was born in the US, so I consider myself part of both cultures. Im not shy, but im not outgoing either im sorta in the middle, i consider myself chill but my friends say i get like a hyperactive puppy when I’m excited. I love being outside(even though I never actually go outside because im always on youtube/netflix). My favorite you tubers include dan and phil, zoella, and jenna marbles. I love music and played the flute for almost 8 years, and currently trying to learn guitar and piano. Im fluent in spanish(so hit me up if you need help or want to learn lol) but open to learning any language(rn im trying to learn italian). My favorite type of music is everything(sorry i can’t choose just one genre) but right now my favorite bands are 5sos, Fall Out Boy, and All Time Low. I want to travel all over the world someday and learn about all types of different cultures so having a pen pal is like traveling around the world….sort of, but I get to meet new people around the world and that the best part in my opinion. I don’t mind you ranting and having long conversations because those are my favorite type, and I won’t judge whatever on whatever you say. I love to learn the little details about you and things that you wouldn’t normally think people care about. Im going to be a nursing student and im currently in the health science program at my high school, but i also love anything to do with art(I draw, crochet, make things out of clay etc.). Im open to anyone but prefer email/imessage before snail mail to actually get to know you and then we can snail mail so i can send you little gifts/things, but im open to what you want to do

I feel like I rambled but this was all I could think about at the moment.

Bye! :)

Preferences: I would prefer to have someone around my age so we have similar interests (16-20) but I’m open to anyone as long as you don’t mind the age gap. I don’t care about gender or ethnicity as long as you’re comfortable.