mexican harry

To all the people feeling defeated, I’d like to quote Luna Lovegood: “We’re all still here, we’re still fighting.”

This Harry Potter quote has stuck with me more than any others over the years, and it’s my light today. 


Yesterday in my literature class we learned that Mayas and Nahuas used to write tales and poems, and some of this stories were about of how the world was created. We had to write a tale similar to what they used to write, about the origin of the world. 

It’s a stupid tale but I wanted to share it with you.

Regulus Black Appreciation Week → Regulus + A Fancast

“Regulus was instantly recognisable as the boy sitting in the middle of the front row: He had the same dark hair and slightly haughty look of his brother, though he was smaller, slighter, and rather less handsome than Sirius had been.”


“@iambeckyg: This is for you @realDonaldTrump.” YES BECKY YOU DRAG THAT RACIST WHITE MANS ASS!!👏🏽👏🏽


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anyway consider harry and louis playing Rock Paper Scissors as a routine part of their lives. harry wants Greek food and louis wants Mexican? Rock Paper Scissors. harry wants to play monopoly and louis wants to play sorry? Rock Paper Scissors. louis swears it’s harry’s turn to do the laundry and harry swears it’s louis’? Rock Paper Scissors. louis wants harry to end the skype call first and harry wants louis to hang up first? Rock Paper Scissors