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I just want to show my utter support to Diego Luna’s attitude of being aggressively, unapologetic Mexican/Latino. Because he’s there in stage, speaking Spanish, speaking English with heavy accent and being proudly Mexican.
And that, my friends, even for me, a Mexican girl living in Mexico, is uplifting in times where Donald Trump is menacing transnational companies to close factories in Mexico or forcing them (Ford) to do it.

dearest white friends,

my culture is not to be used for your costume. dia de los muertos isn’t halloween, so stop painting sugar skulls on your face for a costume. stop telling me to calm down when i get angry about you appropriating my culture. “calm down, seb, i have nothing against it”, okay, but you’re offending me, my parents, and my grandma who crawls on her knees every year to the church for day of the dead. i love you, but you need to stop stealing my culture. 


your mexican friend

my mom is crying. my friends are crying. my dad is pacing and i’m slowly trying to comprehend what’s happening

Monica Loera, 43, had three passions: fashion, makeup and Madonna. A Mexican-American woman with long brown hair that she often wore in curls, Monica engaged in sex work to pay the bills.

She knew how to create an outfit, even if it meant turning a skirt into a shirt. She helped less fashion-forward friends put themselves together. Before a date, Monica would do her friends’ makeup and wardrobe.

Makeup and styling was just one of the ways Monica treated her friends generously. One time, after Monica came into a large amount of money, she took her friends shopping, bought them clothes and rented a hotel room so they could all live in luxury for a day. She also loved to cook Mexican food for her friends.

Monica was shot at her home by a man she barely knew in February — the first recorded trans murder of 2016. She died later that night in the hospital.

Monica is just one of the known 111 trans people killed since 2010. We’ve created a database, Unerased.

Hi friends! Your mexican friend karaii is in a bit of a pickle :)))

My mother and I live alone and as a medical school student, I don’t come cheap. I want to help my mom (and myself) out so hey, if you’ve ever wanted art from me, now is the time!! (Please PM me or send an email to to snatch a spot!)

I’m currently drawing Gravity Falls and Rick and Morty fanart primarily, but I am open to drawing OCs and other fandom content as long as you give me references!

Are you a kinky shit? So am I! Request your filthy sins away, friends, I will draw it for you!!

5 slots for now:

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To receive payment, I will be sending you an invoice using paypal from the email (very creative, I know XD).

  • Mercy: *attempts to save the lives of her Japanese and Mexican friends. fails to save the latter completely due to tech being experimental at the time but does succeed in saving the former and reunites him with his brother for reconciliation*
  • Overwatch fandom: Wow, mercy is so racist!

My Mexican friend’s Persian fiance’s birthday dinner was last night. He got drunk and started going on about how the hottest and best women are Latina. I knew he refused to date Persian women like BM avoid BW but I didn’t know he basically has a fetish for Latina women. And a Persian former friend refuses to date Persian men. It makes me look at the situation in the BC differently. We’re not the only ones with problems.