Oh, i almost forgot about this shit. Now that this cultural appropriation stuff is on the table lets talk about this for a second. I’m Mexican, i make Mexican food… My mom is Mexican… She makes Mexican food… We don’t wear sombreros while we cook. Ok. We do not wear ponchos while we cook either…. So, stop. Wearing. The. Fucking. Ponchos. And. Sombreros. While. You. Cook. Mexican. Food. Its a joke to you, and thats not ok. My culture is not a fucken joke. Its not a costume. Its not fucken funny. I don’t care if you dont care, just stop.

http://www.latinorebels.com/2015/03/10/the-real-tries-to-delete-proof-of-its-ridiculously-racist-mexican-quesadilla-segment/ Here’s an article to learn more about the situation AND the video ( that was incredibly hard to find btw.)