mexican famous singer


Octúbre day 4 - Olga Guillot, the Queen of Bolero. Born in 1922 in Santiago, Cuba, she started singing in an act with her sister when they were teens. She was officially discovered in 1945, where her professional career started in Havana. She traveled to New York to record her first album, then to Mexico in 1948 where she transitioned to international recognition. She enjoyed a long career, touring throughout Latin America, Europe and even Japan! Due to the Cuban Revolution and her opposition to Castro, she left Cuba and settled in Mexico for the remainder of her life. She was very close to Celia Cruz, she met La Lupe in the very beginning of her career, and was also the godmother of José José, the famous Mexican singer. Olga is still revered as one of the best female Latin Singers of all time, with an extensive discography and multiple awards to her name! She is known for her soulful, haunting voice and elegant visage.