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Exo’s Reaction to you making the best Mexican food

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*Xiumin would be very impressed with your cooking skills and acknowledge great your cooking skills.*

Xiumin: “Wow Jagi! This food is AMAZING! Where’d you learn to cook like this?”


*As soon as Lu would taste your food he’d fall in love with your cooking and would as you to make him Mexican food everyday.* 


*Once you would bring out the food he’d refuse it, but when everyone starts eating it he would give it a try.*

*Kris looks at everyone else eating then tries some of the food.*

Kris: *gif*


*One he’d try your great cooking he’d try to make you the dorm chef.*

Suho: “Y/N, that was delicious!! You should cook for us like that everyday!”


Lay: “Baobei, that was the best meal I’ve had in a while!!! You have to teach me how to cook like this.”


Baekhyun: “Woah Y/N!! You’re cooking is soooo good… I think it’s better than Kyungsoo’s cooking!”

*Waits for D.O’s response to his comment.*




Chanyeol: “Jagi, I never knew you could cook like this!! THIS FOOD IS AMAZING!!!”


Kyungsoo: “Y/N, your cooking is great! We should cook together sometime so you can teach me how to make this food?”


*Tao would be too busy eating to say anything.*




*Sehun would love your cooking so much he’d eat all his food and would ask for 2nds.*

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Tagged by my bestie @nnicolezelda <3 love you bae ;)

a / age: 19

b / biggest fear: being deemed as a waste of space or worthless (sorry?)

c / current time: 11:32pm

d / drink you had last: Horchata cuz I’m a basic mexican lol

e / everyday starts with: wallowing in my self-loathing lol kidding probably just laying in bed

f / favourite song: Of all time- Fujiyama Mama by Wanda Jackson; Currently- Dark Nights by Dorothy

g/ ghosts are real? It’s possible?

h / hometown: San Marcos

i / in love with: Jensen Ackles/Dean, Jared Padalecki/Sam, and Misha Collins/Castiel

j / jealous of: people in general

k / killed someone: … not that you can prove ;) shhh

l / last time you cried: uhh I honestly dont remember because I hate myself and push away my feelings #masterofdealingwithmyproblems

m / middle name: I don’t have one lol 

n / number of siblings: 0

o / one wish: to be able to help others selflessly

p / person you last called/texted: my best friend, Nicole (wow, haven’t called her by her name in years… usually just a nickname lol) still texting her rn

q / questions you’re always asked: stuff about my future career, medical questions, and when i’m gonna get a job

r / reasons to smile: dogs, loved ones, music, and Supernatural (smile and cry too lol)

s / song last sang: Bang Bang Bang by Dorothy

t / time you woke up: maybe 9:30ish 

u / underwear colour: black

v / vacation destination: Greece and France in general

w / worst habit: biting my nails or procrastinating

x / xrays you have had: as far as I know, just my teeth

y / your favourite food: french fries or grapes lol

z / zodiac sign: Aquarius

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anandaises  asked:

Did everyone just forget about everyone else who dies everyday? Whites, Mexicans, Arabs. Hundreds get murdered everyday but because there not black we won't care? No one is being racist. Blacks are not the ones who can't eat somewhere because the owners reserves the right to not serve them that's the people that look Arab. Instead of throwing around the racist thing look the whole picture not just a piece of it.

Why is it always white people who send me this mess? I don’t need to call you out on your casual racism— your words do that for me— but literally, I never get an ask from Latin@s asking me why I’m not talking more about their struggle, or Asians asking me to care more about what’s happening in India, China, or Asian-American communities (gross generalization, but you get what I mean). Even though we don’t always do it right or effectively, there seems to be a natural understanding that we share in a common struggle, and so when I say “Black Lives Matter,” they understand that I’m not saying “Brown Lives Don’t.”

But nope, not white folks. You constantly need to be at the center of every dialogue. Yes, I know there are some great allies, but too many of you seem desperate to refocus attention away from those suffering back onto yourselves. THAT’S the big picture. That’s why we remain distrustful of your allyship. Cause at the end the day, you’re not really riding with or for us. For the last 4+ centuries, we’ve continued to struggle just to convince you that we’re fucking human beings. That our lives are valuable. And yet, in 2014, I’m still fielding dumbass asks like this. Check your privilege. Check your entitlement. Understand that I’m not calling out racism because I want it to exist or because I benefit from it. I’m tired and too fucking young to feel this old. 

White people, if you don’t want to be called racist, don’t do and say shit that defends white supremacy. If you want to be an ally for all human beings, stop trying to silence those who are struggling under the oppression created in your image and for your benefit. If you don’t want your wig snatched, your life read, and your spirit ethered, keep this bullshit out my inbox.

anonymous asked:

I'm crying, i'm not even considered "dark" im considered "light" but damnit i still find myself wishing for lighter skin, less kinky hair and smaller lips. My boy skin preference is white and i assume thats becuase as a child only the black boys made fun of me only the black boys commented negatively on my flat body and duck lips and thick hair. I'm dating a mexican boy and everyday i question his attraction to me. Just being black feels less,ecspecially if your hair doesn't have a loose curl.

Thank you so much for listening, and thank you especially for sharing <3