mexican dream

Homemade Vegan Taco Recipe 🍴
- Corn tortillas fried and shaped in vegetable oil
- Steamed Rice
- Pinto Beans
- Salsa Linda; Avocado chunks, Tomatos, Jalapeños, Yellow Peppers, and Lemon Juice.

It’s funny how everyone gives a shit about white people (white supremacy) and how racist every white person is. Now we talk about blackout and how much black lives matter and how oppressed they still are, because again every single white person is racist even when they think they aren’t because after all, they are white and they enjoy their white middle class privilege.

BUT NO ONE, non of you gives a shit about hispanics, latinos, Mexicans, even after what Donald Trump said, that shit was really racist, it reminded me to how the nazi movement started.

No one cares about the hispanics that are being killed by the police (yes we are being killed too). No one cares about the families that are being destroyed when one of them gets deported.

Yes black people suffered a great deal, they were slaves, they still being treated like animals, but you are NOT in the cotton fields anymore, you have “better” jobs now, but you know who doesn’t?, Mexicans, we still are out there on the fields, we still do the worst imaginable jobs, for you white and black people.

Were are not treated like animals, we are ignored, like we don’t exist for your caring, we are nothing to you. Our pain it’s insignificant we DO NOT MATTER to you.

In America you matter if you are white or black.

Someting about Mexico 

- Yes, we spoke Spanish, but more than 30 Pre-hispanic languages are spoken, in my case NO, i don’t speak any prehispanic language and i don’t like to learn one. 

- Not all Mexicans has dark skin and be short, you can see white’s, blondes with blue, green, brown and grey eyes, gingers, very tall persons, asians, American Natives (in the North of Mexico),  yes they are Mexicans. I never seen any  Polynesians person here (Cook Island, Hawaii. Samoa, Fiji, etc)

-  Mexico is not Los Cabos, Cancun, Rivera Maya and Playa del Carmen 

- Mexico contains several cultures and ethnic groups. 

-  Not everyone in Mexico have the name of Juan, Maria, Guadalupe and Pedro.. 

- Not everyone here are poor, has 15 kids and living in the middle of nowhere 

- There are huge differences (economical, cultural, social etc) in all Mexico 

- Do not generalize, please 

- Mexico has a lot of diversity. 

- Not all Mexicans has “American Dream”, and we are not obsessed to live in USA -_- 

- 85 % of people, who jump the border, are from Central and South America 

- Yes, many speak several languages​​, either by culture, work or academic stuff 

- Mexico is not like in the movies of the 40s, we do not live in the desert. We neither dressed as Indians or mariachis 

- The Independence from Spain (Spain is in EUROPE), beginning in September 1810 . The May 5 is otherwise. 

- Mexico is in North America, North America is the northern block ( as the name implies ) , countries that comprise it are, Mexico, Canada and the United States.

 - Unfortunately, there is my country Mexico, a very large number of people who base their life on religion and football socer.

 - There are over 30 pre-Hispanic cultures; they are not only Aztecs and Mayas 

- The richest man in the world lives here, is Mexican and is called Carlos Slim 

- Mexican art is not only Frida K . and Diego Rivera. 

- Most importantly , leave your stupid stereotypes aside , come to visit the many cities , beaches and nature reserves in Mexico .


Urbanscapes of Mexico - Tijuana 

Tijuana is a relatively new city, by Mexican standards being founded only in 1889 along the United States Mexico border. It encompasses 246 square miles and has a population of more than 1.7 million people. Since the 1980′s the city’s population has nearly quadrupled in size adding stress on infrastructure and development. Many informal settlements surround the city in a central ring, though new planned suburban divisions can now be found even further in the periphery. 

Tijuana’s unique position along the American border has allowed it to become a multinational city as many people from other parts of the republic and Central America located here in hopes of achieving the Mexican or American dream. Many people who live in Tijuana work across the American border in cites like San Diego and vice versa. Many tourists visit Tijuana and surrounding cities such as Rosario adding to its international status. Tijuana like other cities in northern Mexico like Monterrey have become the new lands of opportunity though they have been been subject to cartel violence. 

The socioeconomic form of Tijuana is a mix of extreme poverty and wealth. Many new developments can be found throughout the city along side neglected properties in the urban core. The physical form of the city is influenced by its location on hilly terrain which sets a particular challenge for a cohesive urban form.  Tijuana has rapidly grown to become one of Mexico’s leading cities in what seems the blink of an eye. if current trends continue it is set to surpass other leading cities such as Puebla and Guadalajara.