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Mexican culture appropriation

Hi, I don’t usually use this account to complain about anything but, with all this cultural appropriation madness. I felt that I have to express myself. First of all, I wanna apologize for my english, I know it sucks, I hope you can understand me.

I recently saw a post that says that “if you are not mexican, you can’t makeup yourself as a Catrina or as a sugar skull”. This post really annoyed me, cause, as a mexican, I’m totally glad that other cultures thing that our traditions are beautiful and intresting, I don’t understand why It is supposed to be forbidden if you are white, black, or whatever the fuck you are, to paint yourself as something you find interesting from other culture.

Now, I know i can’t speak for every culture, but I can speak from mine,Mexicans are known worldwide for being shared and open with their culture, we actually feel proud every time foreign people shows interest in our culture, we are the kind of country that actually loves when people from another countries shows interest in our traditions.

It’t really peases me of that now, a bunch of people says that its forbidden for foreign to show their admiration from our country, i personally fell glad that the world is seeing the beauty in other countries, in other cultures, and not just in european or american (usa) cultures.

As a MEXICAN i can tell you that, if you are white, black, asian, latin, or whatever the fuck you are, you can totally dress as a catrina or paint yourself like a sugar skull. If you understand the meanings behind all that i think It’s totally fine to use it.

I can’t find it offensive at all, i don’t understand, the word is so big, and there’s something called “globalization”






I hope you understand my point, Im not saying that Im defending the Mexican culture appropriation, im just saying that maybe people on tumblr are overreacting, with all this happening, I think people is forgotten that we all are humans, and even with the borders, countries, cultures and continents WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS THAT LIVE IN THE SAME PLACE.


Somehow, several administrators (including the school’s president) at the University of Louisville thought those costumes would be a good idea. Latino students account for 3.6% of the school’s total undergraduate students. Is this how the faculty makes them feel welcome? Naturally, the school issued an apology, with some seeing it as an opportunity.

This is a Catrina, not “a sugar skull” the meaning of La Catrina is way more deep than you think. it’s a satirical representation of a culture, not a costume for halloween. 

“La Calavera Catrina (‘Dapper Skeleton’, 'Elegant Skull’) is a 1910–1913 zinc etching by famous Mexican printmaker, cartoon illustrator and lithographer José Guadalupe Posada. The image depicts a female skeleton dressed only in a hat befitting the upper class outfit of a European of her time. Her chapeau en attende is related to French and European styles of the early 20th century. She is offered as a satirical portrait of those Mexican natives who, Posada felt, were aspiring to adopt European aristocratic traditions in the pre-revolutionary era. She in particular has become an icon of the Mexican Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.”-Wikipedia

The reason of the skelleton is because my people were starving.

They were almost dead but they were trying to look like the upper class because of the discrimination.

i ’m not saying that you ’ Should not dress like La Catrina , i ’m just trying to say: Please, do not  dress like a whore while you are trying to look like a Catrina , stop calling it “ Sugar Skull”, do some research before, respect other’s traditions . You do not get the black mood of mexicans , you do not get our satirical festivities . Respect us and as we say in Mexico, “No la chinguen”

The Tonalli Amaxtli is the first of the three main almanacs, which relates to the three souls that inhabit the human body, as well as to the three different levels of the cosmos. The Tonalli Amaxtli determines the Tonalli of a given day; which is to say, its destiny. The Tonalli is a sacred force which links all creation, and which imparts vigor, strength, and growth to the cosmos. At the moment of conception, the Teteo implant our Tonalli within our skulls, spinning a bone awl so that the spark of life and vitality ignites and links us to the universe. The day-sign determines the Tonalli; the Sign and number together form the secret, spiritual name of the individual born on that day.

Tonalli and the Human Body

In the human body, the Tonalli is the Shadow Soul, the soul which inhabits the head and is related to the heavens. It is the receptacle of thought, intuition, perception, and reasoning. The Tonalli soul is capable of leaving our bodies; during dreams our Tonalli travels to the spirit realm, and if it is lost there, as sometimes happens, the body eventually sickens and dies.

Because the spiritual and the physical cannot be divided from one another and are, in fact, simply two aspects of the same thing, the Tonalli soul is expressed physically in the body as growth; hair and nails are both physical manifestations of Tonalli.

The three souls which inhabit the body work in concert to determine our personalities and our destinies; two or more souls might determine the same quality, which explains our conflicting desires and impulses.

Tonalli and the Cosmos

Tonalli transcends the body, and can take up residence in physical things; all things are possessed of Tonalli, although those things that move and possess warmth and vigor have the greatest Tonalli. Ritual objects, precious stones, feathers, and tools also posses great stores of Tonalli.

Furthermore, the Tonalli Amaxtli determines the character of the day, quite apart from the personality and destiny of the individual born on the day. Therefore, the Tonalli Amaxtli can be used as part of the process by which one determines the appropriate day to plan a wedding, begin a journey, or make offerings in the temple, for example.

While free will does exist, our Tonalli limits and gives shape to our experience of existence. Within the constraints of what our Tonalli determines, in combination with our other three souls, we are free to create our lives and give shape to our world.

When non-Latinos/Hispanics wear this is irritates the hell out of me bc most don’t even know where it originates.😒
Happy Halloween and Día de Los Muertos starts tomorrow! 🤗

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At a 6-yr-old's Mexican-themed cooking birthday party. Kids made hand-pressed tortillas, guac, cabbage salad - rad. Awkwardness (for me) came when host passed out tiny paper sombreros & stick-on black moustaches to all the white kids and adults (only two POC were my kid and husband). There were two Latinx guys washing dishes in back. Couldn't help but wonder if party favors were insulting to them. My Indian husband thinks I'm being over sensitive. Your take?

So, I’m gonna start here by questioning the Mexican theme for a kids’ birthday party. Cooking theme? I gotchoo. But an all/mostly white group choosing an Ethnic Food™ to cook? OK… no. That’s exoticizing non-white culture from the outset. It makes that culture something that’s Other, rather than something that’s integrated and a part of our everyday lives. If the parents did this because the kid’s favorite foods are tortillas and guac, then have a tortilla and guac party. But don’t brand it as a Mexican-themed cooking party… because that can only go horribly wrong, as you experienced.

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The Ayotzinapa manifestations in Mexico have inspired a frenzy of art-making: impromptu installations, murals, banners, masks and costumes. These borrow as much from popular culture as they draw from traditions of Mexican folk art