mexican comic books


In Mexican comic book art of the 1980s, which is a subset of modern pulp we’ve documented before, a motif that recurred was the looming head. Multiple artists used this idea, which can only mean it was encouraged or sought by the publishers of series such as Micro-Misterio, Frank Kein, and Sesacional de Maistros.. 

…creators include Beton, Dagoberto Dinorin, Rafael Gallur, and others…

Mexican Horror Comic Help

I recently found some pages of original art from a Mexican comic and i’m looking for any assistance or leads to find out more about it. I’m not having much luck with the Google. The notations suggest it was from a comic titled Historia de Horror published in 1967. the individual story was titled La Calavera Siniestra. Anyone know this title? Can anyone point me to a database of Mexican comics or a really good website? (i should add that my privileged white ass speaks no Spanish but i’m willing to try…)