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The Castle of Purity // El castillo de la pureza (Arturo Ripstein -1972)

 Castle of Purity, a bizarre, subversive drama in the Buñuelian mode, concerns Lima, an obsessively overprotective father determined to insulate his family from evils of the outside world. A father of three, Lima has kept his family locked up in their deteriorating Mexico City mansion since the birth of his first child 18 years before. His efforts to shield them from impurity and corruption are imperilled by the increasingly incestuous relationship between two of his teenaged children; meanwhile, the family’s livelihood — the production of rat poison — is threatened by official scrutiny. Famed Mexican poet José Emilio Pacheco co-wrote the script. 

“Dogtooth” director Yorgos Lanthimos has been accused of plagiarizing Castle of Purity, but he strongly denies it and says he never knew it even existed.


RIP Guadalupe Natalia “Lupita” Tovar (27 July 1910 – 12 November 2016). One of the last survivors of the Silent Era, and best known for her starring role in the Spanish version of Dracula. she died yesterday at the respectabel age of 106! Here in the 1920’s , and during one of her last interviews, in which she said:        “ I had very adventurous and romantic life. “