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Baby Frida was the Happiest Frida!
I decided to put photos of young Frida Kahlo because we mostly see photos of her when she is older as an incredible artist.
Pose fotos de Frida cuando era una niña por que pienso que vemous fotos de ella cuando ya era una hermosa artista.

MEXICAN NOT LATINO. Latinos are Anglo Europeans from Italy. NOT HISPANIC. Hispanics are Anglo Europeans from Spain. In the United Stated of America we each own a constitutional first amendment right to have our ethnicity clearly and properly acknowledged.
The children of the sun
A rich culture heritage
A proud indigenous people
The cultural of our choosing
Because we refuse to be anything else

YOU NEED TO GO SEE “LOGAN” (and here’s why)

Comic book heroes function, more or less, the same way the old gods do in mythologies around the world. Their stories are told over and over again, changing according to the teller and the times. They may die but they never really die. They’re immortal…until they’re not.

Even gods have their end. They usually meet that end when the society which created them evolves, splits, gets conquered. When the values they represent are no longer the values held by the people who once revered them.

So what do you get when a Canadian superhero must take a young Mexican girl and an English nonagenarian across the breadth of the literal and figurative American landscape? You get an American film which feels as if it has been written yesterday, it so poignantly represents the current struggles of our nation. You get a superhero film in which we mourn the old ways, the old gods, and strive to find new and betters ways. In the fight for their place, we fight along with them to discover - and define - our own.

You see, most of the Americans who appear in this film are the bad guys. They’re powerful: rich, educated, connected, heavily armed and armored. They’re going after old men and children with all their might and who cares about those caught in the crossfire? But we Americans watching want our Canadian and Mexican heroes to prevail, to outfight and outsmart our countrymen because in those characters we recognize who and what we used to stand for. In the enemies we recognize who we have become.

This movie is going to be held up alongside The Dark Knight and Captain America: Winter Soldier as the best of its genre.

Let me explain:
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“As a son of a tenant farmer, I know that education is the only valid passport from poverty.

As a former teacher–and, I hope, a future one–I have great expectations of what this law will mean for all of our young people.

As President of the United States, I believe deeply no law I have signed or will ever sign means more to the future of America.”

Before Lyndon B. Johnson went into politics, he spent a year as a teacher at Welhausen School in Cotulla, Texas, a small town on the border of Mexico. Johnson’s classes were made up of the children of Mexican-American farmers–they spoke little English and Johnson spoke almost no Spanish. This year would influence him for the rest of his life.

Learn more at our next National Conversation on Educational Access and Equity on March 7. RSVP to watch the livestream.

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Iam really sorry to say that but where i live, "mijo" is a vulgar way to say pee :

LMAO @simmertimes told me the same thing about Portuguese. However Mexican people call their children “mija/mijo” all the time so I guess their kids are pee now


I do want to make a disclaimer and say that you don’t have to speak spanish to be latino. I know that this is a problem in our community. I also feel that people don’t talk about how they begin to lose their spanish speaking skills.

I wrote this because I have recently began to think about this. I never realized how much I was loosing half of me to American culture.

Growing up in a town where it was primarily mexican immigrants and their children, I was surrounded with people who looked like me. Most people in my school were mexican american or other latino americans, the children of their immigrant parents. I didn’t realize this but I kind of distanced myself from my Mexican culture. A lot of my peers in school where like this too. We would express our dislike of mexican music like rancheras & banda and never spoke spanish to each other even though we spoke spanish at home. I spoke spanish in school until the 3rd grade when I was put into an all english classroom. I still spoke spanish at home but I only spoke english to my mexican american friends and in school.

Coming to college I realized how easy it could be for me to forget spanish. I didn’t need to speak spanish at all because I didn’t see my family anymore. Since I only spoke english at school and friends growing up, I began to forget some words and would often speak some spanglish words to my family. I eventually began to realize how many grammar and spelling mistakes I made in spanish when I texted my older siblings in spanish. I became worried that I would forget spanish more and more and then began thinking of the future generation.

My older brother came to the US as a teenager and became fluent in english and married a mexican american woman. I noticed that they both spoke only english to each other. They now have a kid who only knows basic spanish. He can understand most things but he can only respond in english. I watched this when my mom who knows little english talked to him. He would reply in english or wouldn’t understand what she said. My mexican born brother and his mexican american wife didn’t emphasize the importance of growing up bilingual. He began preschool in an only english speaking class and doesn’t have a chance to speak spanish at home like I did. My brother’s family and my sister in law’s family speak mostly spanish and it’s sad that their son can’t communicate well with them.

I began to volunteer in programs that help children in learning english. I work with refugee, immigrant, and latino american children. One of the places I tutor is a dual language elementary school and I love it. In the program I’m involved in at this school, it focuses on latino children. This type of school involves curriculum in 2 languages, english and spanish. Half the lessons are taught in spanish, half in English. This is a great way to learn a language too. The students that attend here are not just spanish speaking latino students, there are also parents who send their english speaking kids to learn spanish here. I wish my elementary school had been like this. Since I only had a spanish speaking classroom until 3rd grade, I didn’t learn a lot of grammar in spanish. I can speak spanish well, but I make a lot of grammatical mistakes. This type of school is the ideal school I would love to send my future kids to. I want my kids to grow up hearing their mom and dad speak spanish to them and go to a school where spanish is taught too. I want them to not have trouble speaking to their grandma or grandpa because they don’t understand.

I realized growing up I never embraced my Mexican heritage, I almost ignored it. I identified with just being American. Coming to college and gaining more knowledge has made me embrace my mexican heritage. I now enjoy some spanish music and since I work with spanish speaking children, I still am able to speak spanish and not forget it. I have recently begun to take a latin american course and am finally learning about Mexican history. I am even considering in minoring in Latinx studies and to study abroad in South America so I am able to use my spanish skills. I am also trying to learn some Nahuatl from my mom to go back to my mexican indigenous roots.

Why I cannot do that.

I’m reading a lot of posts about Donald Trump and how Americans should support him because of his presidency. Let me just calmly tell you WHY I CANNOT DO THAT.

Donald Trump is not an ordinary president. He is not an ordinary Republican. I personally might have voted Republican had there been another candidate that was opposing Hillary just for the time being(in an extreme situation only) But that wasn’t the case.

Donald Trump is not a Politician. He has absolutely no experience for the job that he has won. He bought his presidency with his billions because be did not win the popular vote. But people ignore this.

They blatantly ignore the fact that he has sexually assaulted multiple women, degraded women, been openly racist to Americans of color, openly mocked a handicapped man at his rally, called wounded veterans “weak” and has removed our healthcare because of his vendetta against Obama.

Donald Trump spends so much time stroking his own ego and having immature Twitter battles online. Why do you all ignore these things? How can you respect a man who hasn’t shown respect in return? I don’t respect that man simply because his position..That would be called Blind Nationalism which is absolutely anti American.

Donald Trump pretends to be a Christian, but what sort of Christian sexually assaults people? What sort of Christian promotes violence and then promises to pay the legal fees for people who do? Is that what your Jesus wanted? No, absolutely not. He is not a Christian, he is not a man of God. He is a man for himself and his bank account.

You people sound like a broken record. You fear Muslims but you fail to realize that the extremists are just a drop in the bucket. They’re are MILLIONS of Muslims in the world who are just regular people. You are terrified of an entire religion because of hate mongering and racism preached by people like Trump. Yes. There are the extremists, but do not assume that ALL Muslims are terrorists. Do not assume that because then the same could be said for white people all being KKK, or Nazis. You cannot generalize like that because you are the one who looks stupid.

Gay marriage is legal because your religion is NOT IN CHARGE OF AMERICA. We are a country of many religions and we are under no orders to abide by a god we do not believe in. If YOU personally don’t want to get gay married, then DON’T. But you have no place telling other human beings what is wrong or right in their own life. It doesn’t matter what you feel about it because it has no effect on you. You shouldn’t try to ruin other people’s lives simply because your own religion doesn’t like it. That’s not how a free country works. You don’t get to do that.

Illegal immigration needs to stop, but building a wall is not the way to handle it. How about making the immigration process more straightforward and cheaper so that families in need of refuge can actually move here legally. How about reforming immigration process to accommodate people that aren’t rich? Why do we need to build another Berlin Wall? That only preaches hatred and otherness. It tells our children that Mexicans are to be feared. It teaches the wrong message. Yes, illegal immigration needs to stop, but it will never stop unless we reform out policies rather than building a plastic bubble around our country.

I don’t hate Republicans. When I talk about Trump I’m not talking about hating everyone. I’m talking g about one man, one man who is about to make things really dangerous for a lot of people.

And I say this to you… If you are a white , straight middle to upper class person, Trump might not seem so want to know why? Because it won’t effect you personally. You will be fine because you are his target audience. But your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, neighbors etc…They don’t have that luxury. My Muslim and Mexican friends have expressed their absolute terror for what is to come and they were born here. People who aren’t in Trump’s ideal demographic are going to be hurt.

He has already started by taking away healthcare without a suitable replacement. I can understand repealing Obamacare..But if there is no backup..Lots of sick people are going to die. And for some reason, Trump supporters are just okay with this.

You think this man is going to “make America great again”… Tell me, at what point was it so great that we want to return to? We are still striving every day to reach that greatness. We have made tremendous strides with civil rights and gaining our freedoms..But now we might take giant leaps backwards. We are going to lose rights rather than gaining them.

So I ask you, how can you support this man? How can you wake up and support such a monster? Are you that uncaring for your fellow Americans? This isn’t a liberal versus conservative thing. We are way passed that. This is a freedom versus tyrant thing.

When Hitler first came to pow, he was popular, he was joked about and media outlets mocked liberals for being afraid of him. They told people that they were babies for fearing mean words. They treated him as a mockery but many supported those mean words. And that how it starts. It starts with words and then grows to actions. Trump already proposed tagging Muslims even if they were born here, and entering them I to a database…That was one of the first things Hitler did to the Jews when he rose to power. This is not some liberal conspiracy. Tyrants never begin as a fearsome monster..They start as a boisterous, radical leader who commands the attention of the rich and powerful. And you are blind to it.

I am just so utterly baffled by the fact that his followers seem oblivious to all of these things. I am so angry that this country sank so low.

You tell me to give him a Chance, innocent until proven guilty…..He is already guilty. Before he even took office he already did unspeakable things. He has no chances left. You have him chance after chance but your hatred for the left made you blind . You. Ant see passed your own pride. He is a bad man. He is a cancer on this nation.

I don’t condone violence and riots. I don’t agree with vandalism. But I can understand the anger behind them. Protests aren’t supposed to be sanctioned and ask nicely..Thats not what a protest is. And not to mention that the rioters are only a tiny portion of the protests that you for some reason choose to link together with everyone else. There are thousands of peaceful protests going on but you ignore that and only point out the small riots instead.

I think a lot of people need to take a minute to really think about why it is that they are alright with ignoring Trump’s racism, homophobia, sexism and just general nastiness. Why are you okay with this? Why am I labeled as some liberal hippie tree hugger because I happen to care about people outside of my own demographic? I dont intend to feel bad anymore. I’m tired of tiptoeing around the feelings of everyone else. We need to remove this man from office , even if another Republican comes to power I could welcome he or she with open arms for now. This is urgent and incredibly important and I seriously can’t stress that enough. You want me to respect a tyrant? I just gave you more than enough reasons why I cannot do that.

“El perro negro”

Técnica: Ilustración digital

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Hundreds of Mexican women came to reside in southeastern China by the early 1930s. Some had migrated there in the first decades of the twentieth century, before the expulsion era, with husbands and companions who chose to move their Mexican-origin families to the communities from which they had emigrated. Wanting to secure entry back into Mexico, Chinese men and their Mexican spouses requested visas from the consulate in Hong Kong and appealed to Manuel Tello, the Mexican consul in Yokohama, Japan. In 1930, Tello wrote to the SRE several times to inquire about whether the men could travel to Mexico with tourist visas but no passports.

María Teresa Guadalajara de Lee had arrived in China with her husband, Eugenio Lee, in the 1920s. She appealed to authorities to repatriate because he had abandoned her and returned to Mexico City by himself in 1926. She remained in China five years later because she had lost her passport and neither Mexican nor Chinese authorities would grant her another one. When she appealed again, the Secretaría de Gobernación (the Mexican government’s internal affairs branch) denied her reentry because she had been away for more than five years. Nevertheless, Mexican authorities tried to help her. They pursued her husband in Mexico to obligate him to pay for his family’s return and provide any documents in his possession. With the help of her brother, Benito Guadalajara, authorities repeatedly looked for Lee, but to no avail. In spite of the lack of documentation, Mexican officials ultimately approved Guadalajara de Lee’s repatriation after her brother acted on her behalf. Federal authorities told local officials in Nogales, Sonora, to permit her and her children to enter Mexico via its border with the United States in the early 1930s.

María Pérez traveled to Guangdong Province with her husband and their children in the spring of 1930. Like Murillo de Chan, she lived in the small community of Kaw Kong. Pérez began appealing to authorities to repatriate to Mexico about a year after she arrived. She was unhappy because her husband had brought her to China “engañada” (under false pretenses), having told her that they were going on a vacation. He had taken out a passport with permission to reenter Mexico within six months and, since it had expired, she and her children could not return. Pérez’s husband had two other spouses in China. After she made known her discontent with the situation, he took her children and threw her out. Though he gave her a very small pension, it was not enough to sustain her. He did, however, agree to pay her passage back to Mexico if she obtained government per-mission to return.

Hundreds more Mexican women would travel to China during the expulsion years. By Fresco’s accounting, more than six hundred Mexican women as well as their Chinese Mexican children arrived in China by 1933, either with the mass expulsions of Chinese men and their families from Sonora and Sinaloa or fleeing anti-Chinese activity in other areas of Mexico. While some women chose to follow their husbands or companions to keep their families together, in other instances authorities simply rounded up the women and sent them out of Mexico along with their partners because mixed-race families were perceived as non-Mexican.

—   “The Women are Neither Chinese Nor Mexican,” Chinese Mexicans: Transpacific Migration and the Search for a Homeland, 1910-1960 by Julia María Schiavone Camacho (2012)

OKAY but guys, imagine Master Fu giving the miraculouses away in historical times.

A Black Ladybug and a Caucasian Chat, both fighting to make their communities see that acceptance and the respect of races is necessary. Imagine them protecting those little Black kids as they step foot into the newly integrated schools, dispelling the hatred and walking alongside MLK on their marches, stopping hate crimes, denouncing violence… working hard to stop Akumatized people, Black and White alike. I also like to imagine Black Chat with a New Orleans accent, following his Lady with wide eyes, awed by her independence and strength. Lady with a gorgeous afro and alternatively in a weave, wrapped in scarves, or cut short.

Mexican Ladybug and Chat, leading the Mexican revolution, keeping children safe, aiding villages in need, stopping raiders, helping the movement. Imagine lady with an ammo belt thing around her waist, her braid decorated with flowers, riding a horse in the desert, with Chat by her side, a guitar at his back for those lonely and quiet nights they spend spying on the enemy. Chat in a gorgeous charro suit, Lady in a full on Folklorico dress. Both of them with voices that carry beautifully in the wind, a solace both to them and anyone who listens to them.

i remember when in elementary school i was 1 in 5 of the mexican children in my entire grade level. back to when they called me “wetback” before i even knew what that meant…. it still hurt though, i took a hint.. but it really hurt when i learned it for real… back to when my dad, who walked barefoot the majority of his life, catching a nail fungis, wore guaraches to school as he picked me up, and white children made fun of him like “ewww what’s wrong with your dad’s feet?”. back to when i told him not to pick me up anymore, and to not wear his guaraches anymore either. back to when i told my parents not to come to “muffins for mom” or any school event because the kids were so mean to the other kid’s just because they didnt know english. Back to when I wasn’t invited to birthday parties because the little kids were told i couldnt know where they lived, it wasnt safe. back to when i wore the same jeans and same shoes everyday and people noticed and laughed at me. Back to when i had to translate for my parents at age 8 with a decent understanding of the english language, and even take care of other children as our parents worked. Back to when i learned that i was going to have to run waaaaaaaaayy faster than everyone else, just to make it to the finish line. back to a childhood that made me insecure and anxious of what people thought of me, and made me 1000% more protective of my family and heritage. So sorry if i do in fact, hold a prejudice against rich people.