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22-year-old Eunice Gonzalez discusses growing up and graduating from college as the daughter of immigrant farmworkers.

“Deportation is scary and I’ve realized that I’ve grown up with an innate fear of Border Patrol or la migra. There were stories of ICE going to the fields directly to find undocumented workers. I remember being scared knowing that while I was in school there was a possibility that my parents could get taken away. Although I don’t hear these stories as often, I recently had a dream where instead of ICE deporting my family, it was politicians in business suits taking away my mother.” -Eunice Gonzalez {}

My top 3 fave looks from some hot mixies at the VMA’s last night:

3. @ddlovato wearing Nicolas Jebran 💗 (#Mexican #Spanish & #Irish)
2. @fkatwigs wearing Versace 💣 (#Jamaican #English & #Spanish)
1. @nickiminaj wearing La Bourjoisie 🔥 (#Indian & #Trinidadian)

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#GEMSOFALLRACE #GOAR starts as of right now! Because I am tired of artists being bullied and harassed for drawing a character in the way that makes them happy. No one has the authority to tell an artist what to draw. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE. Whether it’s canon or not.

If you want to draw Garnet as white? Do it. Hispanic? Do it. Asian? Do it. African? Do it. It doesn’t matter! Feel free to express your culture through these gems. Because all races have culture. Yes even whites. There’s a place called Europe. It’s lovely.

For a long time people have taken characters whose race is already canon and changed them to an outside race. That’s not a bad thing! It’s not whitewashing! Because whites have culture. And people are just too ignorant to even see it. They throw that term around as if being white is bad.

Just because someone changes the race of a character in a drawing does not mean it will change in the show. If your answer is to harass and bully someone because of a drawing you don’t like then you are a bad person. That’s it. You are not doing any justice at all. If you are offended that’s YOUR problem. Not the artists. If you want to express your culture, any culture, through these Gems. Do it. And tag it as #gemsofallrace or #goar or not. It’s your choice.

This is what an “anchor” baby looks like. A 22 year old college graduate pursuing her bachelors degree at the University of California Irvine. A daughter of two hard working Mexicans, my mom on the far left immigrated to the U.S. when she was 14 years old, she made the long, hard and dangerous journey through the boarder as so many others did and continue to do. My father to the far right also took the same journey at an older age but nonetheless young. Since they stepped foot in this country they have not stopped working. Now U.S. citizens they have done pretty good for themselves too, you see the house in the picture, they recently bought it a few years ago. Not bad for a pair of Mexicans right? Raising 3 kids (my brother in white) they have taught us the importance of school and hard work they have taught us that you can achieve anything we put our minds too. How dare Donald Trump call my mother and father rapist and criminals?  When they have done nothing but work and provide for their children. But you see this is not just my story, this is the story of many other Mexican families out there, the story of many Mexican parents, that their sole purpose of coming to America is to work and provide a little bit more for their families. How dare he talk down on us, on our parents, our people not knowing the struggle we have endured, the work we have done for this country only to be called rapist and criminals. Donald Trump and all his supporters don’t know my dad a hardworking Mexican who wakes up every morning at 6 am to go to work and come back to be with his family, Donald Trump and his supporters don’t know my mom a hard working Mexican who wakes up every morning at 3 am to go to work and come back to be with her family. They don’t know me, a hard working daughter of Mexican parents going to school, working two jobs in the hopes I can have a better future, which is all my parents want. They don’t know us so how can they deem us criminals and bad people. Were just here trying to make a living for ourselves and for our children.

My Name is Celeste and I am the daughter of two hardworking Mexicans.