Chinese Troops Seen in Mexico

Rumors have begun to circulate around the internet this week regarding various sources having seen Chinese Troops and military bases set up just north and south of the US border.  The simple logic of such a situation defies the sane mind.  “If this were true, the United States Government would have to be either directly involved, or completely failed in terms of intelligence.  Either of which could actually be a possibility in this day and age.  The real concern surrounding this issue is how such a story could be perceived by the National Security and Affairs Department.


Things are getting heated (no pun intended) on selecting a December Mexican get away…

Thought we had decided on Huatulco (top pic) in a resort location but then this little gem in Troncones (bottom pic) for a private villa caught my eye…

So, have nice people bring you food and beverage by the pool/beach but have to “share” with other vacationers (even with it being only 150 rooms) or have to cook & arrange your own meals/drinks but in the comfort of a fully private beachfront location?