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I low-key want a Zelda hotness/headcanon breakdown like your Link one, if you're willing

this is tough because all Zeldas are perfection and i feel slightly bad about objectifying her like i do with Link lmao. but in the name of equality i will unleash my inner creep. same Zeldas to match the Links in my last list and is also exactly like the last list. we’re getting dirty here fam. lots of thirst under the cut

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meww replied to your post: caritashelianus replied to your post: Why would…

lets not forget his billions of unown babies.

oh my god i actually forgot about the unowns for a minute there

spooky-randie-les-pantalons replied to your post: Why would he adopt if he already has three? He has enough on his hands.

Its because he wants all of the children. I bet he has like thousands of adopted children 1 day. eveyrone is his adopted kid. Even if they dont know it yet