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So the Meowth Pokémon is almost always shown standing in plantigrade. But most real world cats stand and walk in digitigrade fashion, as well as many pokékitties. Of what I've seen on the animation, Team Rocket's Meowth stands and walks like a human (bipedal plantigrade, but given his foot to leg length ratio this should be an incredibly cumbersome gait). Do all other Meowths walk and run/hop like rabbits and squirrels given that they seem to be only plantigrade?

Ah yes, one of my biggest questions about the Pokémon universe:

How do Meowth walk?

For those who are unfamiliar with the terms:

  • Bipedal = walking on two feet
  • Quadrupedal = walking on four feet
  • Digitigrade = walking on their toes (like cats do)
  • Plantigrade = walking flat on their feet (like humans do)

In Go West Young Meowth it is shown that Team Rocket’s Meowth used to walk like an actual cat: quadrupedal and digitigrade. Also when he first tries to stand on two legs he does this in digitigrade fashion:

However, after this he’s always seen standing in plantigrade.

In Mewtwo Strikes Back TR’s Meowth is cloned and his clone walks digitigrade on all fours, again showing that this is how regular Meowth walk. However, in its attack stance it stands bipedal in plantigrade.

Other Meowth in the anime can also be seen walking quadrupedal in digitigrade:

And the very few ‘normal’ Meowth that are seen fighting do seem to prefer doing this while standing bipedal, though the lack of Meowth other than TR’s Meowth in the anime doesn’t give us a lot of evidence.

BUT then there’s Tyson’s Meowth:

who walks and fights bipedal and neither Ash&friends nor Team Rocket seem to be surprised by it. Its boots seem too small for him to be walking plantigrade, though my guess is that’s just a decision the anime team made because bigger boots would look less cool.

There’s no explanation as to why Tyson’s Meowth moves bipedal and the group of Meowth it came from all walk quadrupedal…

So the anime’s not really clear about this issue. Let’s have a look at the games then:

In most of the sprites Meowth is seen standing in plantigrade on two feet. In the older sprites this could just be its attack stance (like in the anime), but in the X/Y model and also in Amie, Meowth is standing plantigrade on its hind legs all the time.

BUT the overworld walking sprite in HGSS shows it walking on all fours and though its very hard to see, it does seem to be walking in digitigrade:

The artwork isn’t helping either:

because here it just seems to be … floating?

Tl;dr: my guess is that Meowth walk and run quadrupedal in digitigrade and (sometimes) fight bipedal in plantigrade (maybe because this makes it easier for them to keep their balance?). But as you can see above there’s no real conclusive evidence.

The one thing we can really conclude is that Meowth are a lot like real cats:

A complete mystery.