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No really! Thank you. I was feeling really upset and you all just showed up and showed how much love there is in the world.

((EXCEPT YOU ANON. Yeah you, the one who said “Fat Bitch go Kill yourself” I didn’t show Joey or else she would have stopped the whole April Fools event. It wasn’t funny. You’re not funny. You’re just an asshole and I hope that every customer service employee you meet treats you like the shit you are))

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Bowser was trapped on x's floating island with her nowhere to be seen (must've gotten trapped between dimensions) he thought to himself when suddenly king appeared in the distance. "hey king" bowser said walking over to the female mewtwo.

King: Hey, Bowser. How did you get here? I mean you would have get up a stream… it pours from 100 feet in the air to the ground.