This along to you and how this eternally embraced my being, love and dedication in caring you have and you make a loving desire for comfort in knowing me, so that we can have a divinity in our souls and stay together forever in my love for you ^~^


Ever wondered how cool it would be if they made a pokemon X-men mod?

Well we kind of came up with a little story for you.

You as per usual play as the trainer and you start your journey, nothing unusual. A typical pokemon game but with X-men characters. You go through the gym leaders (they will be drawn later on)
The gym leaders are:

Emma Frost
Ice man
Kitty pryde

And of course you have to battle the elite four later on:

Professor X
Jean Grey

But along your journey there will be news of the pokemon Mewtwo being stolen from Charles and as part of your journey you must beat team rocket to retrieve the pokemon so that Charles can battle you.

Plot twist? First ever pokemon game to have a homosexual couple xD (Because Cherik ♥) anyway the others will be drawn later, stay tuned ~