hello i have an important message for the men of tumblr

i am starting a cult with my new good friend daniel and it is called the fluffy pandas if you want to join you must first complete our initiation process by drinking the blood of a mans penis being cut off.

like this post to be in my cult or die.

mewtoot replied to your post: i’m never 100% sure how to feel about otherkin

i think it’s extremely disrespectful towards actual transgender people because they’re basically mocking people who genuinely are born in the wrong body nobody is an animal born in the wrong body i understand a possible multiple personality disorder

i mean you might feel like it discredits trans* people to cis people but i really don’t think they’re intentionally mocking or degrading trans* people. my issue is i might not feel like an otherkin but i mean how do i know how others feel?? how is it my right to say someone else can’t feel that way or identify differently than me just because it doesn’t make 100% sense to me???