“What is bad? What is good? What should one love and what hate? What does one live for? And what am I?  What is life, and what is death? What meower governs all?“

Classicat #32: Purr Bezukhov, from War and Paws by Leo Tailstoy

Purr Bezukhov is a pudgy thoughtful cat who spends most of the novel desperately searching for his purr-pose in life.

The Mewsical adaptation (Meowtasha, Purr, and the Great Comewt of 1812) only adapts fifty pages of the 1300 + page book. So it leaves out a lot of Purr Bezukhov’s most Iconic moments. Like the time he joined a cult. And the time he and some other cats strapped a policeman to the back of a bear and flung them into a river. And the time he went mad, convinced himself he was the Chosen One, and tried to assasinate Napawleon.

Purr Bezukhov might’ve been having a bit of a midlife crisis


“These two cats were cunning and rage married– a hideous and terrible pair.”

Classicat #34: Mewdame and Mewnsieur Tailnardier, from Les Meowserables by Victor Mewgo

A lot of Iconic Tailnardier moments from the book didn’t make it into the mewsical. Like the time when Mewnsieur Tailnardier tried to torture Jean Meowljan with a red-hot chisel (it didn’t work.) Or the time Mewdame Tailnardier threw a paving-stone at Inspector Chatvert’s head (she missed, but it was still pretty Iconic.)

They’re not very nice cats 


“The Angel of Mewsic”

Classicat # 35: The Phantom of the O-purr-a, from the novel by Clawston Leroux

Clawstine Daae met a mysterious cat she believed was the Angel of Mewsic. Turns out he was just some normal cat named Eric who kinda just happened to be really good at ventriloquy and mewsic and cold-blooded murder. Life’s full of surprises sometimes


“Listen to them, the children of the night. What mewsic they make!”

#42: Catula the vampurr, from the novel Catula by Bram Scratcher

Catula is is a mysterious and powerful creature, with sharp fangs, who is a master at manipulating people. He sleeps all day but hunts all night. Most of the time, he acts like the pinnacle of elegance and grace and poise. But if a random fit of bloodlust takes him he will become an animal and claw his friends to shreds. 

“So he’s just an ordinary cat?” Yeah, pretty much.